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What is the most wasteful, inefficient, unproductive entity ever devised by man? That would be your United States Federal Government

Think the federal government needs to “do more” on the behalf of the American people as our POTUS is so fond of saying?

Fact is that not only do all of those federal regulations infringe upon our liberty, they also come with a real cost. Most people have heard of Tax Freedom Day, the day in which the nation has earned enough money to satisfy its tax bill for the year. In 2014, that day was April 21st – http://taxfoundation.org/article/tax-freedom-day-2014-april-21-three-days-later-last-year.

Unfortunately, it gets worse. many people don’t realize there is another, less well-known measure called Cost of Government Day. This is the day in which tax burdens at all government levels are satisfied including the cost of those massive regulations from the video. In 2014, that day was July 6th http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/peter-roff/2014/07/03/cost-of-government-day-reveals-the-burden-of-taxes-and-regulations.

Over half a year worked to pay for what? National defense? We await Sept. 11th with baited breath to see where the Islamists will attack us at will. Infrastructure? Crumbling. Education? Over-priced and far under-performing. Jobs? If you’re happy with a perpetual welfare state filled with part-time service sector jobs. Healthcare? Obamacare is the contrived death of the private healthcare industry and the best medical treatment system the world has ever known.

By any measure, our experiment with a behemoth all-powerful centralized bureaucracy has been an abject failure. And an expensive one to boot.



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