Spellchek has posted a multitude of times over the years concerning global the geo-politics of war and what primarily drives it. It’s the economy stupid as slick willy would say. Was are fought endlessly around the globe over natural resources, primarily access and distribution, and trade. Every powerful nation has it as the focus item on its agenda and in its national security plan. Protecting borders is really small potatoes and left for third-world nations to wring their hands over.

Of course there are true national security strategic initiatives in play as well. For example, the deep water port access Russia secured through annexing Crimea. But behind every security objective lies an economic driver. In the case of Russia, its national gas company Gazprom is used as both a carrot and a blunt force hammer in order to shape foreign policy.

Throughout think tanks and other national security planning entities around the globe, a system of weighted objectives is put in place in order to score agenda items according to priority. So contemplating an action such as instituting airstrikes against ISIS in Syria or taking out Osama bin Laden is considered against a multitude of parameters and if it accrues enough points, it moves up the agenda list. Then the administration has to earn their check and make the final decision on which ones to pull the trigger on. Not to difficult.

There is one nasty little detail in the mix however. That’s putting the lives of our sons and daughters on the line in the interest of national security. Doing so against people who bomb us or kill our own isn’t a hard sell. You’ll have a massive number of Americans raising their hand to say “pick me”, I’ll go. It’s when we send our youth overseas to die for seemingly non-security related causes that we run into trouble.

Fact is, it happens all the time. Those who represent the interests of America are put in harm’s way for agenda items such as economics. Reason being that the economy is without question a national security priority. It just doesn’t sell well to tell the moms and dads that their son or daughter died to protect an economic motive.

Enter the mainstream media and the ulterior motives agenda. Creating boogeymen and drumming up public support is their specialty. The aren’t called the Fourth Branch for nothing. They are the public relations arm of every administration.

So why do I bring this up today? Merely to set the table for the news of the day. The Red Menace, China, is laying the groundwork for their next move in the chess game.

Beijing says it will spend $40 billion to revive the historic Silk Road and connect China with Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Chinese President Xi Jinping said the ambitious project is designed to “break the connectivity bottleneck” in Asia – http://myidst.com/index.php/en/geopolitics/item/178-beijing-40-billion-offer-to-revive-the-historic-silk-road-starts-central-asia-geostrategic-competition

The Caspian Sea region has been a centuries long battle zone for trade and resources. China recognizes its importance as well as anyone. A $40 billion dollar investment is as much a national defense initiative as it is an economic boost.

The “Silk Road Economic Belt” initiative, announced by Xi Jinping in 2013, is designed to allow capabilities of Chinese state-controlled construction companies to further expand its already booming trade with central Asia and Europe by diversification of Chinese trade routes, lowering transportation costs, opening up new markets, and an expansion of the Chinese sphere of influence beyond Asia. It will also secure the supply of Uranium and rare metals from Central Asia.

The money quote from this article?

The Chinese Silk Road plans, however, compete with other Central Asian strategies, especially the Russia-initiated the Eurasian Economic Union and the U.S.-initiated New Silk Road Initiative.

It isn’t difficult to see how our endless conflicts throughout the world have their roots based in economic strategies. Competing with China dictates that the U.S. maintain a strategic presence in order to implement their global agenda. For those who hoped Obama would end the Bush wars and simply walk away without securing our true agenda items is not paying attention to the reality of geo-politics.

In other words, get ready for more of the same. National defense strategy means just that. Sometimes executing a defensive action means denying your opponent an advantage. A monopoly on resources or their distribution is a classic economic national defense agenda item.

The United States is promoting the New Silk Road Initiative, that would reduce delivery time and costs, bolster much-needed trade relations between Central Asia and Afghanistan with India as well as provide needed balance in the region, helping avoid a Chinese monopoly.

Yes indeed, you can count on further conflicts in the region ‘requiring’ our intervention.

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