Indoctrination of the sheeple or the unfortunate reality?

The headline sounds rather ominous.

2nd Grader’s Homework Teaches ‘The Government GIVES Us Our Rights’ –

Sounds like a progressive dream, doesn’t it? Indoctrinating poor junior that big government is good.

2. When you are a citizen you have rights. Rights are special privileges the government gives you. In our country, you have free speech. You are also given the right to chooes a religion. In America, the press is free to tell you what is happening in the world. The Bill of Rights lists the freedoms given to citizens. These rights are very important. Many people in the world do not have freedoms like we do.

Unfortunately, it’s all too true. If you’re a freedom lover, conservative, libertarian, etc., you’re probably thinking I’ve gone off the deep end and drank the progressive kool-aid. No, in fact, I just call ’em like I see ’em even if they aren’t pretty.

Now, I could go through the entire spiel as the story author’s do explaining inalienable rights and how government has no authority whatsoever to infringe upon them. Waste of my time and yours. Let’s deal with reality.

The fact is that the world we live in (an asylum as this expert knows) doesn’t allow for freedom or inalienable rights. You may perceive that you have them to some limited degree. You may conduct yourself as you should when it comes to rights. This means when you exercise yours, you don’t infringe upon others which is the basic meaning of a right.

Yet any clear thinking person can take a look around them and see all types of ways in which your ‘rights’ are infringed upon each and everyday. This includes our God-given inalienable rights. Governments do take them away. Your fellow humans do indeed take them away. And just who do you think you’ll turn to remedy it? That’s right, those very same people and organizations that took them away. Meaning you never really had them to begin with, did you?

As far as the Bill of Rights, our Constitution or any other documents of this style, they are intended to reinforce existing rights. So sure you can make the case that the article is well-intentioned in pointing out that government should not be in the business of issuing rights. But they do and your only real recourse is to somehow change the very authority that is infringing upon your rights.

Is this just semantics? I think not. Not when there are very real consequences to those who declare themselves sovereign or somehow unaffected by laws or rules that limit their freedom. Try it yourself. Don’t pay your property taxes and see if you keep your house you ‘own’. Try to carry a weapon on an airplane and see how far your 2nd Amendment gets you. Try to exercise your inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness by eradicating what you deem to be an invasive pest but a government agency has declared protected.

You don’t even have a basic right to life. No, I’m not referring to the abortion ghouls that believe that they have the power to take a life. Instead refer to the last sentence of the quote.

Many people in the world do not have freedoms like we do.

Unlucky enough to be born in a dictatorship like North Korea? Your very life is in the hands of the regime from birth. Human rights that are inalienable and guaranteed by God should have no concern for geography, the type of government in power or the whims of the voting public in a democracy. You may believe such limitations are necessary to coexist in a civil society peaceably, but a consensus vote should never supercede an inalienable right, should it?

In the end, it may be very disconcerting to acknowledge that what our second graders are being taught is not what we would hope for, but it is reality. Rights really are nothing more than privileges granted by others.