It was over 2 months ago, August 21st to be precise, that Spellchek informed you that the Benghazi investigation was dead as a door nail –

Yesterday, November 21st, 2014, the United States House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence released their investigative report on the terrorist attacks in Benghazi on Sept.11-12, 2012. A Friday afternoon document dump if you will. What did they find? Absolutely nothing!

  • The Committee first concludes that the CIA ensured sufficient security for CIA facilities in Benghazi….Appropriate U.S. personnel made reasonable tactical decisions that night, and the Committee found no evidence that there was either a stand down order or a denial of available air support….
  • Second, the Committee finds that there was no intelligence failure prior to the attacks. In the months prior, the IC provided intelligence about previous attacks and the increased threat environment in Benghazi, but the IC did not have specific, tactical warning of the September 11 attacks.
  • Third, the Committee finds that a mixed group of individuals, including those affiliated with Al Qa’ida, participated in the attacks….
  • Fourth, the Committee concludes that after the attacks, the early intelligence assessments and the Administration’s initial public narrative on the causes and motivations for the attacks were not fully accurate….There was no protest. The CIA only changed its initial assessment about a protest on September 24, 2012, when closed caption television footage became available on September 18, 2012 (two days after Ambassador Susan Rice spoke)….
  • Fifth, the Committee finds that the process used to generate the talking points HPSCI asked for—and which were used for Ambassador Rice’s public appearances—was flawed….
  • Finally, the Committee found no evidence that any officer was intimidated, wrongly forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement or otherwise kept from speaking to Congress, or polygraphed because of their presence in Benghazi. The Committee also found no evidence that the CIA conducted unauthorized activities in Benghazi and no evidence that the IC shipped arms to Syria.

The above bullet points are from the Mother Jones spin version –

The FOX spin version focuses on the CIA – “a primary purpose of the CIA operation in eastern Libya was to track the movement of weapons to Syria.”

As expected, at the end of the day, nobody burns for this one. Not possible. It isn’t just the CIA or the NSA or the State Dept. or the White House that would be complicit should the truth ever come to light. It’s members of both major political parties and intelligence committees that were also in the loop. Fact is that the implications are too far-reaching and destructive so the only possible outcome is to cover it up with the usual bureaucratic quagmire.

We haven’t heard the end of it politically as the GOP will likely include the Senate next year in its investigative committees to keep it alive as a hedge against Hillary Clinton running in 2016. But for all intents and purposes, it’s over and the lives of 4 Americans were snuffed out caught up in a U.S. intelligence covert op to send weapons and recruits to Syria. There will be no closure for the families and loved ones. And life goes on in the military-industrial-corporate complex.