President Obama a smashing success? Chris Rock thinks so

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Doesn’t that make you feel much better about Barry? Don’t feel bad that the euphoric state the rest of the world is in thanks to Barry has passed you by because your wages have declined while the cost of living continues to march upward, your hours have dropped, your health costs have risen or that your savings account pays you nothing. Don’t bitch about the House of Saud manipulating oil production to crash prices in an attack on fracking. Or that ISIS is mailing back severed heads of Americans as they and the Taliban expand their influence throughout the vacuum of freedom left behind from Barry the Nobel Peace Prize winner as he vacates war fronts around the globe. Pay no attention to the record number of Americans not even looking for a job or working part-time while we still wait with baited breath for the 4 million jobs Nancy Pelosi promised us the instant Obamacare was implemented. Fear not that the NSA keeps tabs on the dental records of the skeletons in your closet while the most transparent administration in history can’t even come clean on what our Commander-in-Chief was doing while Americans were being slaughtered in Benghazi.

Thanks Chris, you’re a real trooper. Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good tweet. Keep stocked up on kool-aid and rose colored glasses.