US, Cuba seek to normalize relations after Alan Gross released –

The Obama administration is moving to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba and open an embassy in Havana, after American Alan Gross was released from the communist country Wednesday following five years in prison.

As always with the regime in charge, one must question the true motivations behind any actions. Is President Obama merely embracing a fellow communist? Why now? Is he doing some legacy building to forever be seen as the man who accomplished what no other for the past half-century could accomplish? Why now? Is he practicing some good, old-fashioned crony corporatism to reward some donors and get those fabulous Cuban cigars back on the market? Why now? Has he put in motion a plan to eventually annex Cuba and bring on-board some more democrat voters? Why now?

As you can see, the key question to ask here is why now? The Obama Administration has dabbled in easing the blockade and travel and trade restrictions for years. Nothing was stopping him from doing it for the past 6 years. What could have changed here recently that finally motivated the President to pull the trigger? Could it be as innocent as saving Alan Gross?

Recent history says not likely. After all, didn’t Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi just spend 214 days in a Mexican jail for essentially no reason without a peep from the regime? It took a trio of Governors working with the Mexican Attorney General to make the release happen.

So compassion hardly seems like a motivating factor. What other factor may have influenced Obama to act? Could it be this one?

Russia ‘to reopen Lourdes spy base in Cuba’

Now there’s a money maker Obama can get behind. He gets headlines for gutting our military on a daily basis, yet his foreign policy actions have left no doubt that he is a military-industrial-corporatism complex slappy. Since those pesky Russkies clearly have the tactical and logistical advantages in military maneuvers in Ukraine, allowing them to reestablish another just 90 miles from home is simply intolerable. Subterfuge is just so much easier when we can operate freely right on the Cuban peninsula.

Is the Spellchek staff creating a conspiracy where none existed? Is it just coincidence? Do our satellite spying capabilities make any such actions irrelevant? If true, then why does Russia feel it advantageous to shake the mothballs off Lourdes?

Now I understand that Obama needs no real reason at all to embrace yet another Communist regime that practices State sponsored terrorism. But you really have to ask why now? Keeping a close eye on Russia answers a lot of questions.