Certainly sounds ominous, doesn’t it?

‘There will be a price’: Obama team reportedly fuming over Netanyahu visit – http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2015/01/23/there-will-be-price-obama-team-reportedly-fuming-over-netanyahu-visit/

There is absolutely no story here whatsoever. Just politics as usual. The GOP is simply taking advantage of a chance to embarrass Obama by refusing to meet with Bibi. And there is nothing new here either. The United States backs Israel as a de facto policy standard regardless of the fact that Obama has such disdain for it. Furthermore, Bibi will make his standard speech claiming Iran is poised to have nuclear weapons capabilities soon and that we can’t allow them to cross the red line.

Too late. The red line has been crossed. Spellchek touched on this a year ago – https://spellchek.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/nuclear-capable-iran-schools-the-world-in-diplomacy/. We were hardly the first. It’s been a well-known fact that Iran already has the bomb for years. Here’s another from another source early last year – http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2014/02/iran_has_the_bomb.html. Please consider this.

We should know from our own experience that Iran probably already has the bomb. During its World War II Manhattan Project, when nuclear weapons were only a theoretical possibility, and working with 1940s era technology, the U.S. built two atomic bombs of radically different design that both worked perfectly — in a mere three years.

Iran, with access to copious unclassified information on nuclear weapon designs, working with 21st Century technology, helped by the A.Q. Khan network, North Korea, Russia, and China, supposedly has been unable to build the bomb — after thirty years of trying. This is an implausibly optimistic assessment.

Per usual, do your own research. There’s a plethora of evidence to back this up. Iran has the bomb and has had it for years. So what is the X factor as far as the United States is concerned? The usual suspect, the military-industrial complex. There is far more money to be made with fear-mongering than acceptance of the fact that Iran is a nuclear power. We, as well as Israel, already possess the required nuclear deterrent capability for a nuclear threat. The real money to be made is in the proxy wars in the region to ‘prevent’ Iran from going nuclear.

The grandstanding concerning Bibi and Boehner and Obama is just good theatre. And the target audience is the good old taxpayer to keep the pseudo ‘debate’ going to justify spending the money. As always friends, just follow the money.