A covert CIA op to arm Syria went awry? Which one, the they take credit for or the one still being covered up?

Covert CIA Mission to Arm Syrian Rebels Goes Awry – http://www.wsj.com/articles/covert-cia-mission-to-arm-syrian-rebels-goes-awry-1422329582?mod=e2fb

Really? Who would’ve guessed that?

All sides now agree that the U.S.’s effort to aid moderate fighters battling the Assad regime has gone badly.

Some Obama administration officials say the covert effort accomplished about as much as it could considering the chaotic circumstances in northern Syria and policy disagreements in Washington and elsewhere.

While the initial goal was to help moderate rebels fight the Assad regime, officials at the White House and CIA didn’t anticipate the rapid rise of Islamic State, which has upended rebel alliances and become the U.S.’s top priority in Syria.

This account of the CIA’s program is based on interviews with U.S., Turkish and Arab officials involved in the effort, as well as current and former trusted commanders. CIA officials have trained nearly 5,000 fighters in Syria, but the financial cost is classified and few details have been disclosed publicly.

The CIA program had a rocky start. President Barack Obama balked at the idea in 2012. Officials say he was concerned about a slippery slope that could lead the U.S. into another war. A CIA analysis delivered to the White House predicted the program would make little difference.

Mr. Obama gave the go-ahead in 2013 to proceed on a limited basis, partly in response to prodding from key Arab allies, former U.S. officials say.

Republican and Democratic lawmakers shared the administration’s ambivalence, with some warning they would hold the CIA responsible if guns fell into the wrong hands, according to a former senior U.S. intelligence official. The warnings deepened the agency’s cautious approach.

Those are a few quotes from the article. If your head is spinning like mine after reading this, you may ask this question. Since the publicly announced, non-secretive, covert CIA weapons campaign to arm Syria hasn’t worked, why not go back to the unannounced, totally covert campaign they were running previously which resulted in the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi?

You know, the one in which republicans and democrats alike are complicit in the knowledge and cover-up of the fake State Dept. Special Mission and secret CIA compound that ran weapons and fighters through Turkey to Syria? The same one that Trey Gowdy is now investigating which will never result in anything but political smear for the 2016 election?

Makes one wonder if this campaign was a designed failure. Perhaps to take the focus off any investigations into the real Benghazi story? At any rate, we certainly seem to have more success when we conduct illegal, covert ops with a full cover-up than when we do things transparently.