Tea Party Christianists vs. Tea Party Islamists

Obama Islam extremist advisor Mohamed Elibiary, a former DHS Advisory Council member, has once again shot off his Twitter finger to blame Christians for what ails us. Elibiary is somewhat infamous for calling on America to support the inevitable Caliphate.

Actually, that’s mischaracterizing a bit. Elibiary doesn’t blame Christianity, he blames the leftist created Christianists. What is a Christianist?

“So let me suggest,” Sullivan pontificates in Time, “that we take back the word Christian while giving the religious right a new adjective: Christianist. Christianity, in this view, is simply a faith. Christianism is an ideology, politics, an ism. The distinction between Christian andChristianist echoes the distinction we make between Muslim and Islamist. Muslims are those who follow Islam. Islamists are those who want to wield Islam as a political force and conflate state and mosque.”

This time around, Elibiary is touting the Christianist culture wars as PJ Media breaks down nicely with a greatest hits collection of prior Elibiary rants – http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2015/01/28/homeland-security-adviser-mohamed-elibiary-goes-on-hate-filled-anti-christian-rant-attacks-jindal-as-bottom-feeder/

More on who Mohamed Elibiary is – http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2014/06/19/hold-for-gorka-who-is-mohamed-elibiary/

So what is the takeaway according to Elibiary? If you are a Christian and are so bold as to even have an opinion on politics, you have crossed over to the dark side and become a Christianist. Equated to an Islamist. Assuming that to mean where radical Islamist extremist terrorists originate.

Perhaps the White House Press Secretary should call on Elibiary to help clarify just what a terrorist group is defined as since the Taliban don’t qualify under current Obama-Merriam-Webster definitions. Maybe he would call them Tea Party Islamists? There you go. I’ve now created a new moniker of my own. Perhaps I’ll now be in line for an Administration Advisory Council position.