Spellchek has solved another of life’s great mysteries. We’ve got a couple of high profile events in the news cycle which are actually tied together.

The first is deflategate. Now that the New England Patriots have won the Super Bowl, it’s likely that the NFL will take O.J. Simpson off the case of trying to find the ‘real’ criminal.

Now we have a new scandal. NBC lead news anchor Brian Williams has been busted lying about his personal experience of being shot down on a helicopter in Iraq – http://www.stripes.com/news/us/nbc-s-brian-williams-recants-iraq-story-after-soldiers-protest-1.327792.

Unfortunately, as so often happens, the apology is a non-apology and just makes things worse. No Brian, you didn’t get confused or not remember after 12 years. As the Daily Caller points out, Williams claimed this.

“And I’ve done some ridiculously stupid things under that banner like being in a helicopter I had no business being in in Iraq with rounds coming into the airframe,” Williams said.

Yes Brian, we know you are still lying. I’ll now officially term your scandal ‘Brian’s Song’ as this song and dance you’re trying to peddle is clearly bull.

So it occurred to me that there had to be a source for all this hot air that NBC is now trying to promote to cover up ‘Brian’s Song’. Ta-da! The hot air that is missing from the Patriot’s footballs! Yes, Brian Williams is responsible for deflategate.

You’re welcome NFL and the fan base wondering who could have conducted such a heinous crime.