Talk about not having a life. Apparently I had nothing better to do today as I actually found myself watching Sunday morning news shows which I never, ever do. The main topic of conversation was trying to corner potential candidates by getting them to comment on Rudy Giuliani’s calling out of Obama as an America hater. Of course, each candidate tap danced around their answer so as not to appear a conspiratorial, extremist racist which you are if you agree with Giuliani.

Giuliani made his comment in a discussion concerning the Obama regime failing to call Islam what it is. No, you may say, I must have that wrong. The debate is over calling terrorists Islamic or just violent extremists. Well, that may be the media debate, but it isn’t the core debate.

The President will have us believe that Islam is the religion of peace and that the majority of Muslims around the world act accordingly. In fact, I even hear conservative pundits adopting that same stance. Why the confusion? Because the Quran tells its followers that non-believers must convert or die (no I don’t practice Islam so I realize that the faithful will say I don’t even have a right to an opinion because I’m not an ‘insider’).

So we’re told that you can’t call out the common Muslim for not adhering to the actual letter of the law as the vast majority of Christians are also non-conformists. You know, pot calling the kettle black. That’s true for the most part. In fact, it’s true for every single one of us mortals on the planet. Every one. We are sinners and can never even aspire to leading a sinless life that reaches the level demanded by God. If you’re a Christian you know we got that as a free pass as Jesus died for our sins on the Cross and we can still get to Heaven despite our shortcomings.

Why is a sinner Christian any different than a sinner Muslim? If the majority of Islam is peaceful, what’s the problem? The difference is the Holy Bible doesn’t call for its followers to kill others that don’t convert. Christians sin every day and they will never rise to the level required by the Word of God. Muslims sin every day and they will never rise to the level required by the Quran. The Quran calls for death to non-believers. The Bible calls for you to pray for them.

So the President and his supporters along with those who simply turn their nose up and agree with him on this issue can explain which God and the law he lays out is more peaceful. Islamic violent ‘extremists’ are merely following their written law. Does that make them extreme? As for the Muslim community that is peaceful and doesn’t condone violence, that’s great. However, they will have to answer on Judgement Day as to why they didn’t follow the law. Sorry, but there is a really big difference between Islam and Christianity.

There is a silver lining. If Christians are right in their beliefs and the Bible plays out as scripted, then even all the Muslims around the world who’ve been misguided and followed the Quran will be given mercy as promised. After all, we’re all just sinners.