It’s a bombshell headline.

Mossad contradicted Netanyahu on Iran nuclear programme

Interesting timing, wouldn’t you say? Within 10 days of Israeli PM Netanyahu addressing Congress. And an interesting source. Al-Jazeera. Fair to say they aren’t one of Bibi’s top supporters? Let’s look beyond the timing and the source. The article states this.

A secret cable obtained by Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit reveals that Mossad sent a top-secret cable to South Africa on October 22, 2012 that laid out a “bottom line” assessment of Iran’s nuclear work.

It appears to contradict the picture painted by Netanyahu of Tehran racing towards acquisition of a nuclear bomb.

It would appear Bibi was being deceitful. Yet the next 2 paragraphs say this.

Writing that Iran had not begun the work needed to build any kind of nuclear weapon, the Mossad cable said the Islamic Republic’s scientists are “working to close gaps in areas that appear legitimate such as enrichment reactors”.

Such activities, however, “will reduce the time required to produce weapons from the time the instruction is actually given”.

Isn’t that the concern over the Iranian nuclear program? That they will develop it under the false pretenses of an energy program yet continue to develop a nuclear weapons program secretly? The cable appears to support that idea.

Headlines make for the vast majority of news consumption in the world today as not to many people read beyond them. However, you must if you really want to get a complete picture. Al-Jazeera has already stated that they won’t give you that, only what they determine is newsworthy.

The news channel said that only a selection of the leaked spy documents would be published, while others “have been saved for future broadcast — ones that needed further contextualization,” and that “hundreds will not be revealed.”

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Why only a selection? Why won’t many ever be revealed? Could it be to advance an agenda?

Here’s another article from Al-Jazeera on the topic.

Spy Cables: South African spies wary of Iran operations

Now this article portrays a very different conclusion than the headline calling Bibi a liar.

Iran’s efforts to use official and unofficial channels in South Africa to beat western-imposed sanctions have raised concerns within South African security services, according to leaked intelligence documents obtained by Al Jazeera.

The Spy Cables provide a detailed account of Tehran allegedly using secret front companies, as well as open diplomatic channels, in its efforts to work around trade restrictions in order to obtain materials for both arms manufacture and other industries.

Hmmm. Front companies? Other industries?

A cable from the Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as MI6, warned its South African counterparts that a South African company was involved in “advanced” business dealings with an Iranian “front company”.

The 2009 cable, marked for “UK/SA eyes only,” warns the South Africans that the Iranian company was secretly “responsible for the production of missile launchers” and “the development of rocket bodies”, but had “gone to great lengths to pretend” that it was a legitimate firm and “hide the fact that it is related to the missile industry”.

Now that doesn’t fit the screaming headline narrative. Nor does this.

British intelligence feared the sale of the accessories and materials by the South African company could “significantly enhance Iran’s ability to produce ballistic missiles, including some which would be suitable for carrying nuclear warheads”

Wasn’t Bibi lying about Mossad? Is MI6 at odds with Mossad? We could on and on with the contradictions, but you get the point. Little of what is revealed in the “secret cables” appears to be anything new. The CIA secretly reaching out to Hamas in violation of U.S. law that doesn’t allow negotiating with terrorist organizations? Please. The CIA sells arms to Hamas, they don’t just talk to them. Can they admit to it? Of course not, but if you’re so blinded by what is sold as official policy as opposed to what happens in the real world, you’re just a sheep waiting to be slaughtered anyway.

Should be interesting to see how this plays out through the news cycle leading up to Bibi’s March 3rd address to Congress. Will the mass media look past the source and push the Obama narrative designed to undermine Netanyahu? Will they face pressure to downplay any relevance since U.S. intelligence is supposedly being outed? Perhaps we’ll see how much influence Valerie Jarrett has as the White House will shape the media narrative.

Here’s a glimpse. CNN has the story on the front page of their website.

The Drudge Report? Nowhere to be found.

The issue essentially mirrors what the Obama narrative has been. Pro-Iran, Con-Israel. Are Mossad, MI-6 and the CIA dirty? Absolutely. That’s the nature of the beast. Just as the media playing politics is.

There are a variety of sources which believe Iran has already reached a level of capability that can build a nuclear weapon in short order should it become necessary. This is why they have the latitude to bargain away any official nuclear weapons program capability in exchange for an easing of U.S. sanctions. Obama is either a willing sucker or complicit, take your choice.

They still need to do more enrichment and more development on delivery systems but that can be accomplished under a theoretically transparent peaceful nuclear energy program. Bibi spouting off in front of Congress doesn’t help achieve that goal. Anyone think it’s out of bounds to believe that Iran is behind the “secret leaked cables” to Al-Jazeera?