A 30 year war against ISIS? Can Leon Panetta have such prescience? After all, just a few years ago, no one had even heard of ISIS. As reporter Ben Swann points out, the U.S. is credited with the creation of al-Qaeda, supplying Sadaam Hussein with chemical weapons and creating the power vacuum in Iraq that led to the ISIS uprising. We tend to get out in front of these things so perhaps predicting 30 years of war isn’t so far-fetched.

The story goes that Islam gone astray is something relatively new. Regular Muslims are peaceful and it is only these militant, radical Islamist’s adhering to Sharia Law that are a new curse. Really? Doesn’t history tell us of the centuries of military supremacy of Islam? Was that necessary for advancing the religion of peace?

Regardless, it seems that the U.S. may be a johnny-come-lately in recognizing the potential for creating an endless war scenario, but we’re catching on fast now. So much so that I would say Panetta is being far too short-sighted. The potential for the military-industrial-corporate complex to wage war against ideology is virtually limitless. ISIS is just the flavor of the moment.