Leon Wolf tells us in an article for Red State that the Constitution has failed.

Today, thanks to servile Democrats and feckless Republican leadership, the system has revealed itself as finally and utterly broken.

There is no argument to be made here. In fact, I wrote a blog post a few years ago entitled “The New Articles of Confederation” that struck upon that point that we have a broken system incapable of ballot box repair.

So why do I disagree? Because when you review the events and the documents of the era, we see a clear divide between those advancing the power of the State and those who promote liberty. The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, The Bill of Rights, Common Sense by Thomas Paine, the Anti-Federalist Papers. They all focused on the natural rights of man and a power balance in government favoring the State’s. The Constitution prior to The Bill Of Rights and the Federalist Papers supporting it were titled in favor of a strong central government as a necessity. The Federalist’s won out and the groundwork was laid for the sustained growth of the power of the State at the expense of our liberty. So when I hear ‘get back to the Constitution’, I say we don’t need to return to a structure that favors central government over liberty. We need to change the Constitution, as it was designed to be, to restore our liberty to the highest priority.

The most recent CPAC convention called for more of the same. Elect true conservatives and all will be well. Of course, we just got another cold dose of reality after the mid-terms in which the results of 6 years of Obama were rejected by the voters. What has happened since then? Nothing but capitulation to the statists.

How many more election cycles must we go through before enough people accept reality? Checks and balances are only effective when one counter balances the other. With one party rule, it is invalidated. There are still those that will point out that due to lip service, there are still differences between the two major parties. Who cares? Results are what matter. We’ll get another lesson in that the next 2 years as Jeb Bush bullshits the conservative base of his party in hopes of pulling enough wool over their eyes to get their nomination. Then, if elected, he can move back to his his true motivations.

Maybe the solution is a third party. Maybe it’s an Article V convention. Maybe it’s a revolution in the streets. The only for sure is that the status quo won’t work, that a million CPAC conventions with everyone saying the right things won’t work, that digging up enough dirt on Hillary to take her down won’t work, etc., etc. You can run Boehner and McConnell and Pelosi and Reid out of town, watch Obama ride off into the sunset and still find that they are merely players in the big government scheme with ready, willing and able replacements in waiting.

A sucker born every minute is the phrase attributed to criticism of P.T. Barnum. Perhaps it’s time to update it. Maybe to a believer born every minute. Because despite being whacked up side the head with reality every day, we still seem to latch on to the notion that America is great and will just find a way to muddle through it.

As Leon Wolf pointed out, the Framers were very perceptive and ahead of their time. They realized men would serve their self-interest over the interests of those that elected them to office. 100% true. Unfortunately, even the Framers couldn’t devise a system superior to the greed of man.