New York City Public School System Will Begin Closing to Observe Muslim Holidays

Back in the good old days long, long ago(meaning like yesterday), attacking evangelical Christians was considered good sport by the p.c. crowd. You know, kick Santa’s sleigh and Jesus’s manger out of the town square because if every religion or cause can’t get equal billing, than everything has to go. Perhaps de Blasio didn’t get the memo. He is doing his level best to eradicate Christianity, however, wasn’t the idea to neutralize the playing field? You don’t suppose he’ll throw in a couple atheist holidays for equal measure, do you?

NPR assisted with the media push to make this happen last April –

Should the school year be extended 2 more days to accommodate the days off? Not according to de Blasio. There is plenty of room in the school calendar year. That’s great news. Now we can pencil in the observance of Passover as well. Or since we’re attempting to observe other religious holidays, how about a day off for liberalism?