WATCH AMAZING VIDEO OF The Obama Administration Saying That We Are Arming Terrorists, Training Them And Equipping Them So Long They Are Not Affiliated With ISIS – h/t Walid Shoebat

You heard it right. The Obama Administration is saying that they are already training and equipping terrorists for the sole goal of ousting Bashar Al-Assad of Syria. The criteria for all trainees is that they are all or any terrorists who are not members of ISIS.

And if in doubt at the veracity of this conclusion, watch this video by Council On Foreign Relations by Obama appointed James Clapper. He is the U.S. Director of National Intelligence. The video has not surfaced in the mainstream media, but is worth gold.

Actually, the video is available and in it’s entirety now.

This only raises one question. OK, 2 questions. Is anyone, anywhere on the planet surprised? Is there anyone, anywhere on the planet left who doesn’t believe our past foray’s into arming rebels, insurgents and other groups throughout the region has led to those weapons falling into the hands of ISIS today? You can’t dance with the devil and not expect to get burned.