Hillary Clinton has broken her silence. Here’s what we know.

-Clinton admitted she broke the law by utilizing a private server for e-mail and for not turning those e-mails over to the State Department in a timely manner as required by law. So prosecute her.

Here’s what we don’t know.

-How many e-mails were deleted that detail further law breaking by Clinton.

Isn’t that all that really matters? Any of the good stuff is already gone. You can be sure there were other e-mail addresses used that didn’t end in something so obvious as @clintonemail.com. So attempting FOIA requests to obtain e-mails from the recipient servers will be folly as they won’t be looking in the right place for the right thing.

Perhaps you think we can just waltz over to the NSA and extract her hidden e-mails from their servers? Never. Gonna. Happen. The GOP would have better luck working out a deal with a foreign government that has been spying on us and maybe buy them off to get a look at the good stuff.

It’s amusing how these things get people fired up that they’re finally going to get Clinton. Especially when it comes to Benghazi. You can take this thought to the bank. The GOP knows much more than they are letting on publicly. E-mail addresses, senders, recipients and content. The problem is they have to walk the fine line of bringing enough dirt on Clinton to the surface to sway an election but not so much that they drown with her. Therein lies the crux of the Clinton/State Dept. era. Both parties have skin in the game when it comes to scandal and breaking the law.

Raise your hand. Who thinks that this President, or any other, and their administrations utilize communications outside official channels? If you don’t, you are a total fool. If you think your party is clean and only the other guys are dirty, you’re an even bigger fool. Sorry gang. The Clinton’s didn’t get where they are by committing such juvenile errors as getting caught with a paper trail leading back to them.

Here’s an example of a story designed to give hope to those who hope this might finally bring Clinton down.

Could the Benghazi committee recover Hillary Clinton’s deleted e-mails? Almost certainly

Almost certainly?

If no other steps were taken to go in and otherwise make the data inaccessible.

If the file isn’t overwritten, “we can recover that,” Hakim said flatly. Otherwise? Probably not. That’s the key.

Please stop. What’s the only reason this system was ever setup? Convenience as Clinton would have us believe? No. It was to evade monitoring and the very type of accountability sought after today. Do you think Clinton would leave a trace of the email that incriminates her for the Benghazi cover-up on that server and take a chance it may someday be confiscated or hacked or even just turn it over to her political opponents? This is a woman seeking the highest office in the land. People in that position aren’t so sloppy.

She may go down as far as a candidate due to mishandling the scandal but recovering those emails means criminal prosecution so she will go to whatever length necessary to prevent that.