Apparently, Hillary Clinton has evolved. Like really, really fast. On Feb. 24th, when Clinton was at a tech convention in Silicon Valley and wasn’t in cover-up mode, she pointed out that she carried multiple devices and retained everything. Yesterday, March 10th, she told us she has evolved. While serving at the State Dept., she said she had a single private email account simply for convenience. It was too much hassle to carry multiple devices and manage multiple email accounts.

The video below is from the tech convention. Don’t worry, you only need to watch the first minute or two to get her quotes in context.

So now Clinton utilizes two ipads, an iphone and a blackberry and never throws anything away. Too bad she wasn’t like that at the State Dept. so we wouldn’t have this email controversy today, right?

I would bet a months pay that some really diligent researcher could go back in time and actually find that Clinton has actually been the pack rat, multiple device user all along that she claims to be today. I won’t waste my time being that guy. Proving that Clinton is a liar really doesn’t require that type of time investment. Just let her talk and she’ll contradict herself anyway.

Check out this timelapse video of Clinton through the years