So Congress needs to give Obama TPA to get TPP passed. China saw the PAFTAD lead to the PECC which created the APEC which believes the RCEP, rather than the TPP, is the best pathway to get to the FTAAP. RCEP came about as a compromise between EAFTA and CEPEA. The FTAAP came about from the ABAC, with support from the ASEAN+3 and the ASEAN+6. These are all geared toward expanding FTA’s into a regional FTAAP. Then there is the TAFTA to consider as both it and the FTAAP will fall under the umbrella of the WTO. Got it? Excellent, lets move along.

If anything you just read makes any sense to you at all, you are leading a sheltered, geeky life and you should get out more often and see the real world. For the rest of us, our heads have just exploded. I am guilty of researching the topic to be aware of what Obama is attempting to slip through Congress and past the American people in his last two years in office as a payoff to his corporate supporters.

This acronym hell I just exposed you to is all about trade agreements between nations. They are sold as attempts to break down trade barriers between nations with widely varying economies, laws and governments. The idea is to increase trade and improve economies as a whole. It’s what’s behind the scenes that we need to be aware of.

If you’re interested in what all the acronyms mean and for a good background as to how we got where we are then go here –

I’ll attempt to simplify it. The U.S. (meaning Obama and corporate America) support the TPP. China supports the RECP. Both are just pathways that should eventually lead to an agreement across the entire Asia-Pacific region regulating trade. That will be the FTAAP.

Obama is seeking what is called a fast track agreement to get the TPP through Congress so it can be done without the usual haggling and slowdowns. The TPP has created a most unusual circumstance in that groups from the progressive left are teaming with conservatives and Tea Party right groups to oppose Obama. This is because the TPP gives exceptional power to corporations so much so that they can have an arbiter override government and existing law. It is that potential power that has unions and environmental groups teaming up with the right to oppose Obama. Obama isn’t running for re-election so he has no fear of retaliation and can safely payoff his corporate support from years gone by.

The TPP leaves China out. The RCEP leaves the U.S. out. Which ever gets passed first has the upper hand in influencing the final draft of the eventual overall trade agreement, the FTAAP. It is simply a power play between China and the United States. The Atlantic ocean isn’t left out either with its TAFTA, although it’s further behind an Asia-Pacific region trade agreement. Above it all you have the World Trade Organization (WTO).

What’s left out in these power play struggles between government and big business is the consumer and the worker. That’s why we see the strange uniting of normal left/right foes. Above that, these deals weaken America. America has free trade agreements in place with its trading partners and doesn’t need an umbrella type agreement favoring a region over America. Obama supports the TPP because it is aligns with his agenda to weaken America as a superpower and simply incorporate it as just another trading nation. Timing has much to do with everything in politics and Obama couldn’t push for the TPP earlier in his term as he needed re-election. Now time has become short and the window is closing fast to get this done thus the push for fast tracking the bill.

Strengthening corporate America, as the TPP clearly does, doesn’t equate to strengthening America as a whole.