Guy brings knife to gunfight and loses

Police: Man swinging a machete shot at New Orleans airport

You know the old saying about never bringing a knife to a gunfight. Reminds me of this.

Maybe the kook was mad his wasp spray (is that cheaper than mace?) and machete weren’t allowed as a carry-on. However, it appears Mr. White had no intention of boarding a flight.

Normand said investigators were trying to determine what White was doing at the airport. He said it did not appear that he was trying to get on a plane.

This has always been a mystery to me. All of the attention has always been geared toward stopping someone from bringing an airplane down. Seems terrorists love those high profile events. Well, where do you suppose the greatest concentration of people are in aviation? That’s right, they are in the terminal. If you’re intentions are to create fear and cause an economic disruption by crashing airplanes into buildings, wouldn’t you think it to be just as effective to blow up a whole bunch of people in a terminal? I mean, talk about creating fear and stopping commerce. Then you would have to be afraid to simply be at an airport period.

There are minimal levels of security to simply enter a terminal. If ISIS or some other terrorist organization really wanted to make a statement with little planning effort or fear of getting caught, just have a whole bunch of terrorists with suitcase bombs walk into airports around the world at the same time and blow them up. What is the fallout? Airline travel comes to a screeching halt. Economies are devastated. And the terrorists never had to come up with a scheme to defeat TSA security because you don’t even have to go through a checkpoint.

Maybe it’s the cynic in me, but this is why so many conspiracy stories get legs. If it is merely terrorist organizations looking to get bang for their buck and make a huge impact, why don’t they do as I mentioned above or take out other minimally protected areas such as public utilities? Poisoning the water, taking down the electric grid, etc. These things are easy to do. Anyone with a computer, internet access and a death wish can easily plan and execute terror and on a wide scale.

If you want to buy the company line that we haven’t been hit in America since 9/11 due to our security presence, do as you wish. Fact is there are far too many soft targets to ever protect in a free country. Should we only fear terrorists from far away lands living in caves planning our demise or do we have more to fear right here at home? You can read into that whatever you like but common sense should make one very skeptical.

Protecting airports completely can never be done 100% but can be vastly improved. Simply move the checkpoint to the airport entrance to screen everyone and everything that enters. It won’t happen as it is inconvenient and an impediment to commerce. So we get the occasional story about wasp spraying, knife wielding nuts. But at least our airports aren’t blown up by terrorists, right? If it’s really them we need to fear.