Yemen is Saudi Arabia’s Cuban missile crisis

Americans are getting yet another geography lesson as they are learning all about Yemen, where it is located and its strategic importance. Most of what we read leads one to believe that the Yemen crisis just popped up overnight. Yemen is the Saudi Arabian Cuban missile crisis. Saudi Arabia cannot stand by and allow Iranian missiles to be deployed right at its southern border. Some even speculate that Iran will use Yemen to make a push all the way to Mecca or even Riyadh.

The Houthi uprising, backed by Iran, is seen as just the latest battle in the Sunni-Sh’ia confrontations. What is interesting is the lead up to the current state of crisis. How and why the Houthi coup led to the group forcing the government out and how quickly it happened. That’s the headline in the U.S. as President Obama has to eat crow over his proclamation of Yemen as a foreign policy success.

Yet the trigger that has brought us to where we are today is what we here at Spellchek have been highlighting for years. Natural resources. Water and oil. Yemen is one of the driest countries in the world in terms of freshwater. Infighting has been going on for many, many years over access to water. Yemen is not oil rich as most Middle Eastern countries are perceived to be. Yet that have pursued the black gold in recent years and that has diverted away even more water than normal. When the government ended fuel subsidies last year, the Houthi revolt was on and the coup took place.

But just remember what really started it. Water. Here is a link to one story. I encourage you to read it. There are many more.

Yemen Is Tearing Itself Apart Over Water

The mainstream media will continue to push that Yemen is just being used as a proxy war point between Iran and Saudi Arabia. That it was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The truth is that this crisis has been a long time coming. It’s a precursor to more like it as fresh water becomes a scarcer commodity throughout the world.