Should we just give everybody a nuke so we’re all equal?

Israel has been known to have nuclear weapons for years. They have never confirmed it and still haven’t to this day. Why? Because they knew that other countries in the region, particularly Iran, would then have standing as far needing their own as a protective measure against Israel. Now the DOD has confirmed what was already known by declassifying a report from 1987 that details the Israeli nuclear program. It certainly stands to reason it has advanced much further in the last 18 years.

Iran has been known to have nuclear weapons for years. Yet no report has come forward to confirm it yet. There have been media reports out over the years that delve into it including this one out yesterday.

Does Iran Have Secret Nukes in North Korea?

Or this one from a former CIA spy.

KAHLILI: Iran already has nuclear weapons

There are more if you need them. But just ask yourself this question. Why would Iran, a country that has withstood decades of sanctions, suddenly seem to just give up last year and agree to the negotiations we are seeing today? Did they suddenly grow tired of sanctions? Or did they reach a point in their nuclear program in which it was now more beneficial to strike a deal?

If you are Iran and you either already have nuclear weapons whether in Iran or North Korea, don’t you have more to gain by taking advantage of Obama and his agenda by making a deal to ease sanctions in exchange for monitoring? If you already have the bomb, you can’t advertise it. So why wouldn’t you make a deal that has huge financial benefits? It’s a no brainer.

Perhaps there will be a day when some intelligence comes to light to verify Iran’s nuclear program. Those that are exposing it now will be able to say I told you so. And to those that are yelling fire right now that Iran may someday get a nuke because of Obama’s bad deal? You’re way behind the times. They already have it. We know it. Israel knows it. And anyone that just looks at the whole picture logically already knows it. Now it’s just a matter of how much Iran can extract via easing sanctions and with a pro-Iranian President in office that shouldn’t be too difficult.

The time is now approximately 2:00pm eastern time on Monday, March 30, 2015. Swami is predicting a breakthrough to whatever in the world the media claims is holding up the negotiations and possibly threatening a deal from ever taking place. Somehow, some way, or Inshallah, as Kerry puts it, a deal will get done before the deadline. Obama will claim victory, spew some rhetoric about the tough metrics Iran must meet and proclaim the world is now a safer place.

And Iran already has the bomb.


The Obama self-imposed redline has passed without a deal. Yet. Turns out that Iran is acting just as predicted. They are playing Obama to get all they can out of this deal by turning the Obama deadline back on him.

Obama Told Iran Nuclear Negotiators to Disregard Deadline in 11th Hour

UPDATE #2*******************************************

Told ya! OK, that’s not really saying much. Everybody knew, or should have known, Obama would announce a deal.

Iran And World Powers Agree On Framework For Nuclear Deal

As predicted, I believe I said he would claim victory and say the world is safer.

U.S. President Barack Obama lauded the agreement as a “historic understanding” in a press statement outside The White House.

“I’m convinced that if this framework leads to a final comprehensive deal, it will make our country, our allies and our world safer,” Obama said.

So no surprises. Despotic, narcissistic, ideologue, dictators (and we aren’t even talking about Iran) really aren’t that hard to predict.

Just remember, the day will come will you too will learn that Iran already has the bomb and is just playing the U.S., the world, and Obama for fools.