The MICE will play while the CAT is away

Eisenhower’s famous line warning us against the military-industrial complex was altered. In a prior draft, he had called it by its correct terminology, the military-industrial Congressional complex. Today we must include corporate America into the mix. Various wordings have been used by different people, myself included, over the years. I believe I once went with the military-industrial-corporate-elected official complex. That’s because I liked it but also because the acronym is MICE which is to the point and seems fitting.

So who is the CAT that allows the MICE to play? Why, the credit of the American taxpayer of course!

The war in Yemen seems to have flared up rather quickly until you learn the back stories. The BBC revisits the history with the war from over 45 years ago –

The Islamism that we face today rose up in the 1970s precisely as a reaction to those corrupt regimes and their western backers. It too is an anti-colonial project that is very similar to Nasser’s vision of a united Arab world free of western influence – but with religion bolted on. And now, to fight it, we are preparing to send arms and “intelligence advisers” to help prop up a corrupt regime in Yemen.

Zero Hedge attempts to explain

What’s REALLY Going On In Yemen

Yemen – previously called “Aden” – has one of the oldest civilizations in the Middle East.  But it has been racked with violence for a long time.

In the 1960s, a pro-Arab nationalist faction clashed with the British – who wanted Yemen to become a Western-controlled natural resource hub – and devolved into brutal fighting, with both sides using terrorism.

Once again, we see the role of natural resources in global wars. The current war in Yemen was started last year when the President removed fuel subsidies that resulted in overnight price increases of up to 90%. Fresh water is extremely scarce in Yemen and the farmers must utilize wells as rainfall is inadequate. Wells require fuel to run the pumps so a massive price increase was devastating to a poor country. The Houthi revolt was underway and opened the door to where we are today.

Will Yemen descend into the chaos that triggers a widespread Middle East war? Perhaps. No one knows for sure. The prophecies tell us this won’t be the big one to end all wars if that’s a consolation. Not yet.

But you can be sure the MICE will eat good. Will Congress ever get caught in a mouse trap by enabling its partners to profit from perpetual war? Hardly seems likely. Remember that it is they who set the trap with the cheese. In the case of Yemen, the people got hooked on free cheese in the form of fuel subsidies from the government and when it was taken away, they took to the streets. Now they pay with blood in a complex web of religious fanatics, foreign money influence, strategic geography and political gamesmanship with redistribution of social welfare programs.