Wikileaks exposes the MICE

Wikileaks is taking flak for publishing the hacked Sony files.

WikiLeaks publishes huge archive of hacked Sony documents

“This archive shows the inner workings of an influential multinational corporation,” said WikiLeaks Founder and Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange, in a statement. “It is newsworthy and at the centre of a geo-political conflict. It belongs in the public domain. WikiLeaks will ensure it stays there.”

It’s certainly debatable as to the legitimacy of Wikileaks publishing these files. But that’s for another day. I only wish to point out what a classic example this is of what I’ve been saying for years. The U.S. doesn’t just have a military-industrial complex as Ike warned us about. Nor do we have a military-industrial-Congressional complex as it was originally coined. We have a military-industrial-corporate-elected official complex (MICE). Merely take a glance at the Wikileaks site and at the first two postings.

The Sony Archives

TPP Investment Chapter

I’m sure the vast majority of people who take the time to peruse the Sony files will simply appreciate the ease of searching as they look for dirt on their favorite celebrities. However, they’re really missing the frightening element. Those two posts covering the TPP, which is a massive corporate sellout, and the Sony inner workings brilliantly expose the MICE complex.

With another election cycle just getting warmed up, we’ll see all of the same profiteers and power elites scrambling to divide up the spoils of an American electorate seemingly without a clue. So sad. So very, very sad.

New Benghazi evidence? Where did it go?

This story is starting to look just like the Iran-Obama tit-for-tat about lying fact sheets.


(AFP) — Libya’s internationally recognised parliament said Tuesday it has uncovered “new elements” behind the 2012 assassination of the US ambassador when the American consulate was stormed in eastern city Benghazi.

“I have been tasked today with leading a team of inquiry,” Tareq Saqar al-Jeruchi, deputy head of the parliament’s security and defence committee, told AFP.

He said the team had “new elements on the real perpetrators of the attack” and would work closely with the FBI and Congressional commissions of inquiry, although he did not elaborate on the identities of the assailants.

A Libyan parliamentary delegation is to travel to the United States for consultations with members of Congress, Jeruchi said.

That was 3 days ago on April 8th. Yesterday, April 10th, this story was released.

No plans for inquiry into US ambassador’s slaying, senior HoR member insists

Reports that the House of Representatives (HoR) have set up a committee to investigate the 11 September 2012 killing of US Ambassador Chris Steven and three other US diplomatic staff in Benghazi have been denied by a top HoR official, according to the Beida-based office of the Libyan news agency LANA.

Benghazi member Jalal Al-Shweidi, who chairs the Information and Culture Committee, said that no decision to establish a committee to look into the killing had been taken by the HoR, LANA reported.

Two days ago it was reported that Tariq Geroushi, the deputy chairman of the HoR’s Defence and National Security Committee, had been tasked by the House to lead a three-man team to investigate Steven’s death. He was quoted saying that he had new information about the killing and that the team would be collaborating with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). On his Facebook page, Geroushi, usually seen as well-informed about the HoR’s plans and decisions, republished the report adding a call to anyone with information about the attack to contact him.

I’ll be the first to tell you i have no further insight or knowledge as to which story is correct. But conflicting stories such as these tend to indicate that someone quickly got to Geroushi and told him to stand down. Not plausible you say? Libya has fallen into chaos and the U.S. cannot control the situation any longer. What if the U.S. has a CIA agent in control?

Khalifa Haftar’s army now controls much of the eastern half of the country.

Enter General Khalifa Haftar. From ‘The New Yorker’

General Khalifa Haftar left his home in northern Virginia—where he had spent most of the previous two decades, at least some of that time working with the Central Intelligence Agency—and returned to Tripoli to fight his latest war for control of Libya.

Haftar’s force, which he calls the Libyan National Army, has taken much of the eastern half of the country, in an offensive known as Operation Dignity.

You can read the article here if you like –

Do I have any proof that CIA plant Gen. Haftar got to Tariq Geroushi and stopped any investigation of ‘new evidence’ about the Benghazi attacks? No. Just pointing out the obvious. The story seems to have disappeared as soon as it came to life and the CIA has much on the line still to this day to see that the truth remains hidden.

Lifetime cable subscription?

Comcast Refused To Cancel Man’s Cable After His House Burns Down

H/T Phil Haney

Having his house burn down was probably the second worst thing to happen to 66 – year-old Jimmy Ware of St. Paul, Minnesota, last week. Then he realized he was going to have to call Comcast to cancel his cable television service.

“What? The firefighters might still want to catch ESPN Sports Center while they clear the tinder wood that was your home.”

Sadly a fire destroyed all of Ware’s belongings on April 1st, leaving the retired truck driver homeless. Along with figuring out new living arrangements, and dealing with the emotional horror of losing your home and all your worldly possessions at the age of 66, there was one small chore he could check off; canceling his Comcast cable service for a television that was toast.

Ware’s daughter Jessica, helping her dad rebuild his life, called Comcast to disconnect the service. One of the infamous Comcast representatives said that they needed his account number, which they told him was “gone in the fire.” –After giving the last four digits of his social security number- they were informed this still wasn’t enough for them to disconnect the service.

This is the Comcast truck that services burned down houses.

Jessica frustratingly tried to call back the company four or five times, taking time away from helping her father with more important issues. However she got in this great exchange with Comcast rep:

“I said to Comcast, ‘Here’s your choice, disconnect the service or send someone out to fix the cable, because it’s not working,’ ” she said. “The (Comcast) guy said, ‘That doesn’t make sense, because the house burned down.’ I said, ‘Exactly, shut the service off.’ ”

You will never leave Comcast!! Damn, at this point even David Miscavige thinks they should tone down the member retention strong arming a bit.

Finally by Tuesday Comcast corporate issued an apology and finally shut off the cable service for the house that was burned down. I still maintain that Comcast customer service representatives are being held against their will at gun point and if they lose a customer a member of their immediate family will be executed. It’s the only thing that makes sense after countless stories like this one. From the insane customer service recording that went viral, to the time they got a guy fired from his job to the customer they called “Asshole Brown” on a bill– it’s clear they are intent on making your life a living hell if you try to disconnect their service.

Original source –

Iranian gas pipeline to Pakistan moving forward – part of much bigger picture

China to build gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan

China is footing 85% of the $2 billion dollar cost of extending the pipeline through Pakistan (the Iranian portion has already been completed). Why would China be concerned with helping to solve Pakistan’s severe energy shortage issue? They aren’t. The IP, or sometimes known as the peace pipeline, is merely a required step in the ultimate objective of extending the pipeline through India to China.

The U.S. has been the sticking point for years in delaying the project with potential sanctions dangled over the head of Pakistan if they struck a deal with a terrorist supporting nation. When Iran advanced their nuclear weapons program sufficiently to be able to build a nuclear weapon, they changed their negotiating tactics with the west. They could now strike a deal agreeing to inspections and publicly agreeing to a deal designed to keep them a year away from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Since they have already surpassed that point, they could safely publicly negotiate away that potential in exchange for removing sanctions.

This is why China has given the go ahead to complete the pipeline. Publicly, there is still rhetoric that an Iran-U.S. deal is still not a sure thing. Behind the scenes it is seen as a virtual certainty so China is positioning itself for the eventual extension all the way to its ports. A good reference here.

The U.S. has pushed for the TAPI (Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India)pipeline as the preferred method to distribute natural resources from the Caspian Sea region as opposed to the Middle East. When the U.S. announced its ‘pivot to Asia’ in 2012, it signaled to others that a change was coming. The TAPI pipeline project was seen as a primarily one that benefits Russia as the source. The Russian expansion into Crimea and Ukraine changed the dynamics so that Washington moved its support from TAPI to IP.

We need to remember that both Pakistan and India have vital energy needs to solve. China does as well but has expansionist plans to boot. The U.S. knows that China will be the ultimate benefactor in either pipeline project but that is seen as part of the Asian pivot. Incorporating China into global commerce including natural resources is a national defense strategy. Removing exclusive supply agreements and expanding all sources to a wider global base is a policy designed to eliminate potential chokehold points such as OPEC pricing monopolies and shipping weaknesses like the Straight of Hormuz. Pipelines create alternatives to supply disruptions created by world powers that control distribution.

Natural resource geo-politics are ever changing. The U.S., China and Russia still call the shots and constantly shuffle and maneuver the world’s assets like a giant chess board. China will no doubt see the U.S, sanctions easing as a window of opportunity. However, the U.S. sees it as part of its pivot strategy so both can claim victory.

Article V movement gains strength as it threatens the status quo

What would you say would be the worst idea the right has going? Bi-partisanship simply to ‘get things done’? Funding the largesse programs of the left? How about continuing to nominate weak candidates? None of the above according to an associate editor at Hot Air.

A new constitutional convention: The right’s worst idea

Noah Rothman has firmly established himself as an establishment shill. Or merely an uniformed hack, take your pick. By the way, if you follow along with these types of things, we’re seeing more and more media sources on the right shake up their staffs by hiring these types of centrists. Apparently ‘fair and balanced’ is the financial model as even MSNBC is attempting to alter its image and be seen as less extremist.

Rothman calls the Article V convention a “fringe notion” and that it’s a “top to bottom review” of our founding document. Right away, we know he has no understanding of what he’s talking about. Since the mechanism for the convention is included in the Constitution itself, one would think that trivializing it by labeling it “fringe” shows the same type of disparagement that Constitution haters usually spew when it contains something they disagree with. Such as our POTUS when he considers the Constitution a “charter of negative liberties”.

A “top to bottom review”? What is an Article V convention?

The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution,or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states,or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress; provided that no amendment which may be made prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any manner affect the first and fourth clauses in the ninth section of the first article; and that no state, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate.

A “convention for proposing amendments”. Those proposed amendments still must be ratified by a three fourths majority, a tall order in any circumstance.

Rather than refuting the Rothman piece point by point, or other detractor hit pieces, I would simply direct you to learn for yourself what the process really is. Start here –

We need to remember that the media has a vested interest in seeing the status quo remain in place. The entire political machine of all things big government has a long history of the fourth branch, or the media, doing its level best to protect its own. Labeling the Article V movement as fringe and bizarre is standard operating procedure when attacking a threat. We see it in every election.

It should give true conservatives cause for hope. Whenever the hate machine starts to go after your cause, you can feel confident that your on the right path. Article V is a huge threat to the political machine and you’ll see even more attacks coming from sources you may not have considered likely.

Saving the planet is killing us

You may think I’m a few days late with this post as it’s no longer April Fool’s Day, but I just report the news. Scientists are now telling us that smelling farts prevents cancer as well as other diseases.

Scientists Say Smelling Farts Prevents Cancer

“Although hydrogen sulfide gas”—produced when bacteria breaks down food—”is well known as a pungent, foul-smelling gas in rotten eggs and flatulence, it is naturally produced in the body and could in fact be a healthcare hero with significant implications for future therapies for a variety of diseases,” Dr. Mark Wood said in a university release.

Although the stinky gas can be noxious in large doses, scientists believe that a whiff here and there has the power to reduce risks of cancer, strokes, heart attacks, arthritis, and dementia by preserving mitochondria.

So the next time you fart in bed and pull the covers up over your spouse’s head so they can enjoy your handiwork, do so in the knowledge that you just may be saving their life:)

Unfortunately, farts are contributing to global warming.

Cow Farts Have ‘Larger Greenhouse Gas Impact’ Than Previously Thought; Methane Pushes Climate Change

It’s a gas: dinosaur flatulence may have warmed Earth

Yes, even human farts are global warming contributors with carbon dioxide and methane. Here is the chemical mix.

A typical breakdown of the chemical composition of farts is:

Nitrogen: 20-90%
Hydrogen: 0-50% (flammable)
Carbon dioxide: 10-30%
Oxygen: 0-10%
Methane: 0-10% (flammable)

What is the takeaway? The cure for man made global warming is to limit carbon emissions so eliminating farts is our personal contribution. Eliminate farts and you eliminate a cancer preventative. Who knew that saving the planet would kill us in the process?

California finally taking steps to address the water crisis…or maybe not so much

Just when you thought California had seen the light…

Residents Take Drastic Measures To Conserve Water Amid State’s Ongoing Drought

You see that some still have their blinders on…

Dublin Residents Question Timing Of Building New $35 Million Water Park

According to the city parks director, there was no way to foresee this.

“You can never predict a drought,” Dublin parks director Paul McCreary told KPIX 5.

Really? You can’t refer to history as a guide? I’ll even link to a pro-global warming source that agrees.

Could California’s Drought Last 200 Years?

“During the medieval period, there was over a century of drought in the Southwest and California. The past repeats itself,” says Ingram, who is co-author of The West Without Water: What Past Floods, Droughts, and Other Climate Clues Tell Us About Tomorrow. Indeed, Ingram believes the 20th century may have been a wet anomaly.

“None of this should be a surprise to anybody,” agrees Celeste Cantu, general manager for the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority. “California is acting like California, and most of California is arid.” (Related: “Behind California’s January Wildfires: Dry Conditions, Stubborn Weather Pattern.“)

No surprises if you’re paying attention. But the city director says they are plowing ahead come hell or high water.

But the city said they have signed contracts to begin construction this week, with completion coming in 2017, drought or no drought.

“When we finish the project and it’s still in a drought and we can’t fill the pools, we’ll address it at that point in time. But we are moving forward with the project as planned,” McCreary said.

We arrive at the crux of the issue. Big government at work. The city signed the contracts so they must execute them regardless of the drought which was entirely predictable. Now we’ll see if the local press continues its due diligence and tracks down the payoffs between the city director and the contractors. The city could have inserted an opt-out clause for any number of reasons. That would have likely made the contractor bids higher to protect themselves but it’s more fiscally responsible to for the city to not be locked in and find themselves in the position they are now in. Unless the city director was getting paid off to do so…just saying.

This is just one small example of the battles yet to come as California will see residents and small business pitted against big business in the fight over water resources.

Wars over oil have raged for decades. Wars over water have the potential to be far worse as the food supply is so dependent and the world population continues to march forward. You have to think it’s a completely solvable problem however. A combination of desalination, conservation and recycling of the world’s largest resource seems hardly beyond human capability. That doesn’t mean we won’t kill each other over it in the process. Control of fuel supplies and prices was and still is very valuable. Control of fresh water is potentially worth far more.