You know what really gets the angry left riled up to unleash their full fury on the Hoosier state? The fact that the wording of the code amendment includes specifying that corporations are people. That is a core issue for the left (also including some on the right and others who don’t know any better). When you identify corporations as people you undermine a key plank in the manifesto of the discrimination industry.

It’s a core issue in the collectivism vs. individualism debate. That’s what I mean when I say some people don’t know any better. They don’t even realize when they’re being used as pawns in a much bigger war. The Indiana fight may seem like  gay rights to those who identify with the issue, but that’s just a matter of convenience. The left co-opts issues everyday that advance the cause.

The left is painting this as a pro religion bill at the expense of gay rights. Some are really off the deep end like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who calls it Sharia Law. The sad reality is that most are so far gone and blinded by their allegiance to the liberalism sickness that they probably can’t be saved. Examples are everywhere. Take the nations Jews who put party agenda above their own religious views. They vote for a blatant anti-semite President. Liberalism is a dazzling display of hypocrites, bigots and misguided individuals who readily set aside their principles for party everyday.

Ask any liberal if they’ve been told to stand down for the greater good lately. Unions? The keystone pipeline. Environmentalists? Shut up when green energy is the daily talking point. We could on for days about the seeming conflicts of interest as liberals must hold their nose when it isn’t their turn to shine.

That’s also why I included the right in with those that don’t know any better. They are also compromising principle more and more all the time, usually because they don’t have the cojones to stand up and fight. GOP anybody? They will back down in a heartbeat if they think it will somehow get them in the good graces of the left and avoid facing the hate machine.

This isn’t just a Christian values vs. gays as the media makes it out to be. As I’ve tried to highlight, the parties affected in the debate are just the flavor of the moment. It could be anything as long as it fits the opposing and incompatible positions of the collective vs. the individual. The creed of the Marines is the well known God, Corp, Country. For liberals, it is Liberalism, Cause, Party. Liberalism won’t tolerate God or country or the individual. The collective always comes first. Your personal cause is secondary. Party is a distant third (if it even belongs).

For now, Christians had better buck up and wear their badge of conviction proudly. If they don’t, the liberals will keep up the pressure to put you back in the closet the gays were in for so many years. For the rest of you who value liberty and your personal beliefs above the collective? Even if you don’t have skin in the game on the gay issue or the religious issue, they will be coming for you as well one day.