Wikileaks is taking flak for publishing the hacked Sony files.

WikiLeaks publishes huge archive of hacked Sony documents

“This archive shows the inner workings of an influential multinational corporation,” said WikiLeaks Founder and Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange, in a statement. “It is newsworthy and at the centre of a geo-political conflict. It belongs in the public domain. WikiLeaks will ensure it stays there.”

It’s certainly debatable as to the legitimacy of Wikileaks publishing these files. But that’s for another day. I only wish to point out what a classic example this is of what I’ve been saying for years. The U.S. doesn’t just have a military-industrial complex as Ike warned us about. Nor do we have a military-industrial-Congressional complex as it was originally coined. We have a military-industrial-corporate-elected official complex (MICE). Merely take a glance at the Wikileaks site and at the first two postings.

The Sony Archives

TPP Investment Chapter

I’m sure the vast majority of people who take the time to peruse the Sony files will simply appreciate the ease of searching as they look for dirt on their favorite celebrities. However, they’re really missing the frightening element. Those two posts covering the TPP, which is a massive corporate sellout, and the Sony inner workings brilliantly expose the MICE complex.

With another election cycle just getting warmed up, we’ll see all of the same profiteers and power elites scrambling to divide up the spoils of an American electorate seemingly without a clue. So sad. So very, very sad.