Finally, the good people of Connecticut get to keep what they earn

Do you live in Connecticut? Lucky you. Today is day one for 2015. Meaning it’s the first day of the year you have earned enough to satisfy your burden to pay for the cost of government and get to keep all that you earn. 206 days into 2015. All that you have earned year-to-date has gone to pay for the socialist utopia you live in. Only now do you get to start keeping your sweat equity.

This info comes to us courtesy of the Americans for Tax Reform and their annual accounting of the total cost of government Americans are burdened with each year –

Connecticut citizens just happen to have it worse than every other state in the Union as their COGD falls on July 26th in 2015.

States like Connecticut and New Jersey must work past national COGD in order to pay for the costs of high spending and taxes in their states. The latest state COGD once again occurs in Connecticut, falling on July 26 for 2014.

Did you get your money’s worth? You probably think so if you’re on the receiving end of the wealth redistribution scale. COGD is meaningless to you. But for those that pay the freight for your free ride, it’s not so ‘fair’ and ‘just’ as our activist friends are always calling for.

Was Trump right about McCain?

That depends upon which prism you view it through. Technically, he was. The only reason we all know the story of Senator John McCain is because he was captured and held as a prisoner of war. Had he merely served his term out as so many other Vietnam veterans that never received any notoriety had, he would also be seen in the same light. Despised by so many at the time they came home, a necessary evil to others. Only a small segment of Americans viewed America’s war fighters as heroes regardless of the circumstances.

Of course Trump blew the delivery. Those who speak without a filter are not long for politics. Not when we live in a world in which candidates are elected for the shallowest of connections to a voter. He had to make the stupid comment that he doesn’t like POW’s which blew any shot he had at pointing out that heroes come in different flavors. Some accomplish great victories in a war theater. Others suffer greatly. Getting captured is seen by some as reason for scorn, not elevation to heroic status. Regardless of where you stand on the merits of McCain and his hero status, Trump botched the way criticism must be handed out in a campaign in which opponents are ready and waiting for a slip up.

There are a significant number of ex-servicemen who fall into this ‘gray’ area category in the minds of some. Including yours truly. I never saw war during my tour. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t ready to fulfill my oath. Some will say our nations first responders are more heroic as they tempt fate all the time. Others will say if you enter into a hazardous job with your eyes wide open you shouldn’t expect any special praise.

What qualifies as heroic varies widely. However, Trump has no authority to lecture others as to who rises to their standard for a hero. In a long campaign, it will be forgotten about as time goes by just as Trump will be once his 15 minutes runs out.

The smartest and dumbest people in Greece in the same article

Who is it that has such wisdom? Why, that would be Lefteris Paboulidis of course. He sees the folly in continuing to play the bailout rope-a-dope game in an attempt to evade paying the price for the failed Greece socialism experiment.

“It would be better not to have a deal than the way it was done because it will certainly be worse for the years to follow,” said Lefteris Paboulidis, who owns a dating service business.

“I would have preferred something else to happen, such as Grexit, where we would have starved in the beginning but dealt with it ourselves,” the 35-year-old said.

Interestingly enough, the very same article contains a quote from perhaps the dumbest person in Greece to boot..That would be Katerina Katsaba. She loves to drink Kool-Aid and would prefer more of the same.

“I trust our prime minister — the decisions he will take will be for the best interests of all of us.”

The best interests of ALL Greeks would be take your medicine, despite how harsh AND insure that your government doesn’t continue to govern in such a manner that led to where you are today. Foolishly believing that any government which practices unsustainable policy will somehow now police itself and truly do what is best for the nations people isn’t just dumb, it’s dangerous.

Of course, the Greeks are hardly alone in being foolhardy. It’s happening around the globe. Even if a policy maker proposes legislation that would allow true market growth unencumbered by artificial manipulation, the powers that be simply cannot stand by and keep their fingers out of the pie.

Remember, correction of past mistakes cannot be erased by bailouts or other deals. All debts are always paid. Always. They are either paid by the borrower or lender or a third party but they never just go away with the passage of time. Bailouts can only buy time and make the true cost even more in the long run.

Greece may be a tiny country with a relatively small problem on a global scale, but this has always been about a larger problem, that being the EU and its euro currency. Beyond that, the snowball down the mountain turning into an avalanche analogy applies here. The whole world is watching because they don’t want their day of reckoning to come calling. But it will. It must. Time always catches up.

The true meaning of Independence Day

Another Independence Day has come and gone. For most Americans it’s simply a long weekend and a chance to get away and do whatever it is that interests them. Of course it’s really about celebrating America escaping the grasp of a tyrannical leader. Nearly 240 years later one could easily make the case that we have returned to those dark days. We’re simply under the boot of a different King.

I contend that escaping again will be much more difficult. Rising up against a foreign tyrant is an easier task to rally the people to do. Rising up against an internal foe with even more devious intentions won’t be so easy. Lest you think this is simply another bash Obama post, you’d be mistaken. He is but merely a pawn in a much bigger game.

In fact the vast majority aim too low when they attempt to size up our enemy. The headline grabbing divisive issues of the day such as global warming, gay marriage, racism, fairness and inequality, crony-corporatism, rich vs. poor, etc., etc. are really just pieces of the puzzle.

Some will go a step further and proclaim that what divides us is an attack on the family and traditional marriage. Or perhaps an attack on Christianity or other standard religions. While they are correct in their description, they are missing the premise.

How can so many miss the forest for the trees? I believe it’s because people have a tendency to over rate their self-importance. That isn’t meant to be derogatory. It’s meant to describe those who believe in free will. Those who believe their cause sets them apart. That they are making a difference all by their lonesome. That they can change the course of human events and reshape history.

Sorry. Particularly if you’re a Christian or Jew or other believer in the Word of God. The future is already written in stone. It’s the only way the outcome can be foretold. You make think you’re making life’s decisions based upon your own free will but that was already accounted for. All that has happened and will happened was ordained. If you think about it logically, it makes perfect sense. For example, take a rogue leader like Obama who would appear to have the ability to reshape history. What if he lost his mind and decided to start a full-blown nuclear war that would end life on the planet as we know it? He can’t. The Good Lord couldn’t allow him to have the free will to make such a mistake that would alter the written Word of God.

If you are a Christian, this should give you a certain amount of comfort. Revelation gives us the account of how the world will end and it sure isn’t today or tomorrow or in any of our lifetimes.

The point of this post was to illustrate that all of the sub-plots we are witnessing in the world are just that. None will end the world nor will they change the foretold outcome. All can be traced to a single common denominator. Good vs. evil. God vs. Satan.

That won’t set right with a lot of people who like to believe they are a bit more important in the big scheme. You see this is why so many of today’s debates are centered around the collective vs. the individual. The collective is Satan. The individual is God. Reason being that when you are at Judgement Day you will be judged purely on your works as an individual in life. The collective won’t be there to represent you.

Such mundane topics such as big government or socialism or anything that takes personal responsibility away from you and gives that authority to someone else is evil at its core. Only you will face the Lord and give an account of your life. There won’t be a bailout.

This isn’t to say a grand conspiracy is afoot with Satan’s workers pushing an evil agenda. People who fall into the trap of supporting issues contrary to what the Bible lays out are likely not even aware of what they do. They in no way see a connection between their cause and Satan himself. However the Bible tells us that rejection of the Word of God is eternal damnation.

One issue that used to give me great concern was how to explain what quantifies as a rejection of the Word of God. For example, the baby who dies in the womb thanks to our abortion killers. Or perhaps someone born in a remote third world country who is never even exposed to the written word let alone a Bible. Or someone born blind, deaf and mute. You could on and on. How can these people ever make it to Heaven? The answer is the opposite of what common belief is. We are all destined for Heaven from our very inception. That’s right, the minute you are conceived, you are Heaven bound. The only thing you can do is to screw it up.

This is the rejection of the Word of God that gets you sent packing. It explains how every human has an opportunity to get to Heaven. It also explains how we have no free will. We may perceive that we do and think we are making our own choices, but we never could. Only the Angels had free will and you see what Lucifer did with his. Went to the dark side and gave us Heaven and Hell.

I’m sure this is waaaaay too much religion for many of you, particularly the non-believers among us. So be it. The truth is set. Perhaps it was my part to show someone else the light through a blog post.

July 4th, 2015 was a celebration of good triumphing over evil. God vs. Satan. However, freedom and liberty have much darker days ahead. You should do as your will guides you to do. After all, you got your instructions directly from the big boss.