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Finally, the good people of Connecticut get to keep what they earn

Do you live in Connecticut? Lucky you. Today is day one for 2015. Meaning it’s the first day of the year you have earned enough to satisfy your burden to pay for the cost of government and get to keep all that you earn. 206 days into 2015. All that you have earned year-to-date has gone to pay for the socialist utopia you live in. Only now do you get to start keeping your sweat equity.

This info comes to us courtesy of the Americans for Tax Reform and their annual accounting of the total cost of government Americans are burdened with each year – http://www.atr.org/happy-cost-government-day-america-workers-toil-186-days-pay-full-costs-government#ixzz3WBnGDGAl

Connecticut citizens just happen to have it worse than every other state in the Union as their COGD falls on July 26th in 2015.

States like Connecticut and New Jersey must work past national COGD in order to pay for the costs of high spending and taxes in their states. The latest state COGD once again occurs in Connecticut, falling on July 26 for 2014.

Did you get your money’s worth? You probably think so if you’re on the receiving end of the wealth redistribution scale. COGD is meaningless to you. But for those that pay the freight for your free ride, it’s not so ‘fair’ and ‘just’ as our activist friends are always calling for.


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