Wipegate doesn’t just apply to Clinton as the GOP also wants to wipe away the Benghazi truth

Spellchek has published many a post highlighting the GOP goal in the Wipegate scandal. It’s ONLY goal has been to bring down the 2016 Clinton campaign. Period. Never have they seriously pursued the real story in Benghazi. On May 6, 2013, Spellchek published this.

The GOP angle has become quite clear. Benghazi for them is merely a political opportunity to attempt to derail the Clinton 2016 candidacy before it ever gets legs. They know there isn’t any smoking gun to tie-in Obama who is a lame-duck anyway. So the next best thing is to tie Clinton in to the video cover-up and the non-response to the attacks in time to save lives.

Despite all the attention that will be paid to Benghazi this week, we still won’t find out why. Nor will anyone even be asking the question. It just disgusts me. The GOP will be proudly displaying their badge of honor that they are fighting to get the truth out after all this time despite the Obama Administration doing their level best to just make it go away. Not in my book. The GOP may be doing all it can to score political points and better position themselves for 2016, but they aren’t pursuing the truth that really matters.

Don’t get me wrong. Tar and feathering Clinton for her involvement may be the best option the GOP has to take her down in 2016. Please proceed. But where is the ‘real’ investigation? I want to see the GOP pursue it with the same vigor they have for Clinton’s neck.

Clinton will almost surely never face any criminal charges. And you can be sure that the GOP will stand down if they get what they want anyway which is Clinton dropping out of the race. And the truth will stay hidden. It’s much more than the 4 dead Americans. The weapons trafficking has surely killed more and we’ll never know that number. Sure I hope Clinton pays. She’s a criminal. But the bigger fish will never even face a press conference let alone a prosecutor. Way to go GOP!

A better solution to protect L.A. water reservoirs than plastic balls?

Black plastic balls are the answer to saving the Los Angeles water supply?

Hormone-Mimicking, Endocrine-Disrupting Nightmare? L.A. Just Dumped Millions of Plastic Balls into Its Drinking Water

I have a dark wet environment in my backyard as well. It’s called my septic tank. Just sayin’. And isn’t the idea here to block sunlight as the ultraviolet rays can transform chemicals in the water into bromate, a suspected carcinogen? Why wouldn’t the ‘greenies’ simply cover the reservoirs with solar panels? Wouldn’t that be a win-win? Save California residents from cancer and create some free energy to boot?