Scientists Ask Obama To Prosecute Global Warming Skeptics

Spellchek strongly encourages these alarmists to go forward with their lawsuit. Let’s get this issue into the courts where these ‘scientists’ will have to go through the discovery process. Then we’ll see if the ‘science’ is really settled.

Most predictable Obama response ever?

The story.

Manhunt for gunman who murdered rookie Kentucky state trooper

The Obama response (if any).

End gun violence. Or some similar dribble.

What get’s left out? Yet another black on white law enforcement crime. ¬†White lives matter? Police lives matter?

What is disgusting is that¬†Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder is only a pawn. He is on the wrong side of the profile of the left’s agenda to kill the 2nd Amendment. His life doesn’t matter to the left but his story will. It’s yet another opportunity to push their agenda.

Maybe I’m wrong (love to be). Maybe the President will take the opportunity to accept blame for his policies that continue to promote these scenarios and that he realizes pursuing his personal agenda is far too costly. Maybe the President will offer to give up golf and instead put his energy into reducing these senseless tragedies. Or not.