Who won the the latest Clinton Benghazi testimony?

Lanny Davis is your standard goose stepping leftist who promotes everything Clintonian. As would be expected, he opined a piece for Fox News covering Hillary Clinton’s latest Benghazi testimony –

Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony is over. Looks like Kevin McCarthy told the truth

Here’s the thing. He’s right. Spellchek has told you for years that the GOP has only pursued Clinton for her Benghazi involvement to beat her in 2016. Her latest testimony was just more of the same.

Where he’s wrong is the questions he tells us all Americans should ask Trey Gowdy.

1. What has been achieved after spending $4.7 million of taxpayers money?

2. Why did you keep Secretary Clinton on the witness stand for 11 hours and yet admit you learned nothing new from her?

3. Why did your committee exist in the first place? You claim you discovered Hillary Clinton’s emails and private server. But you did not, you could not, cite a single email that helped tell us more about the tragedy of Benghazi?

Those are just the standard DNC talking point questions to defend Clinton. The old news/waste of taxpayer money angle. As much a waste of time as the GOP only keeping the Benghazi narrative alive to extend its news cycle into the election.

What we should be asking are these questions.

  1. Why was the CIA involved in weapons trafficking and jihadist recruitment in Libya? After all, this is the core issue that led to the entire Benghazi incident.
  2. To what extent were both major political parties involved in Libya and the cover-up? This is why the GOP won’t try to get the real Benghazi truth exposed as it would mean implicating a whole host of benefactors on both sides of the aisle. It’s why Obama is protected from exposing his involvement. Going after Clinton for political gain is merely sport in D.C. so that’s no big deal to beltway politicians.
  3. Why was the phone call to Bibi Netanyahu during the Benghazi attack so important it couldn’t be rescheduled and required the President’s inner circle to be involved? Biden was there. Tom Donilon was there. Denis McDonough was there. Jack Lew was there. Here’s the link to the official White House photo showing them immediately afterward – https://www.flickr.com/photos/whitehouse/8077964862/in/set-72157631747480080.

These questions get you closer to the real truth concerning Benghazi. They sidestep the partisanship. They illustrate how Clinton and Obama and the GOP all have a vested interest in keeping the truth hidden. Spellchek covered it here – https://spellchek.wordpress.com/2012/12/26/the-truth-behind-benghazi-will-blow-you-away/ – nearly 3 years ago. Clinton was all in with regime change in Libya. The Benghazi consulate was just a cover and Ambassador Chris Stevens just a pawn. Obama also wanted Qaddafi out in Libya and gave the blessing for the CIA op to run weapons and fighters. The GOP had several members involved in standard military-industrial complex contracts to profit.

The point is that everyone has involvement and cannot allow the truth to ever surface. When leftover Libyan weapons were making their way to Hamas, Netanyahu found out. He also found out that it was the U.S. coordinating those weapons transfers. Obama made the decision to make Stevens the fall guy as a rogue player due to his history as a Hamas supporter. The Benghazi attacks were planned and coordinated well in advance. The June, 2012 dry run attack as well as the precision mortar attacks are testament to prior planning. The 600 security request denials by the Secretary of State from the Ambassador also show that the attack was pre-planned. The compounds had to be destroyed to eliminate evidence. Whether Stevens was targeted all along by Obama or simply became a target of convenience and opportunity is only known by Obama and his minions. Spellchek points out all the time that governments always engage in multi-tasking when it comes to foreign policy. Wasting Stevens and the other 3 casualities were to appease Bibi as directly arming Hamas is intolerable even from Obama and his hatred of Israel. Had you listened in to that phone call, you would have heard Obama sell Bibi on the rogue agent scenario. Stevens was allowed to die. The CIA op was dismantled. Israel was appeased.

Even today, over 3 years after the fact, the true story hasn’t come to light. Internet search all you like and you’ll not find it. Spellchek is the only source to give you the answers to ALL angles of Benghazi.