Is there really someone in the media searching for the Benghazi truth?

Spellchek just posted on the Clinton Benghazi fiasco and highlighted that neither the media nor the committee are even asking the relevant questions –

So it was nice to see a media source actually touch on the main issue. What the CIA was doing that led to the deaths of 4 Americans. Hillary likes to score political points by repeatedly using this as a talking point claiming that everyone should be focusing on the deaths of 4 Americans rather than her conduct. Sort of reminds one of O.J. claiming he’s still searching for the real killers.

Via The Business Insider: Here’s the biggest issue the Benghazi committee didn’t ask Hillary Clinton about

The questions from the committee touched on everything from Clinton’s correspondence with controversial ally and informal adviser Sidney Blumenthal, to the several allegedly ignored requests for increased security at the US diplomatic facility in Benghazi.

But the questioners didn’t seem as interested in what the diplomatic facility was actually doing.

The article doesn’t break any new ground nor does it delve deeper to ask about the ties throughout the beltway to the weapons trafficking. That’s a taboo subject from all involved and should you dare even question it you are quickly labeled a conspiracy nut. Consider the fallout should the truth ever come to light. Scandal beyond anything D.C. has ever seen.