Detroit Public Schools Debt Increases By $1 Million Every School Day

What’s the answer? Wealth redistribution of course! Socialism that would make Bernie Sanders proud.

Gov. Snyder: Helping pay off Detroit schools’ $750 million debt better than alternative

Snyder’s plan to revamp Detroit schools and address its crippling $750 million debt involves creating an entirely new district that would handle school operations.

Detroit Public Schools, and its School Board, would remain for the sole purpose of paying the debt. The new district would have a school board appointed by the governor and Mayor Mike Duggan, with all of the members becoming elected officials by 2021.

Snyder said the plan takes about $50 per student statewide to deal with the Detroit problem and puts about $1,100 per student back into Detroit classrooms.

Although the state is sharing Detroit’s burden, Snyder said it would be much worse if Detroit Public Schools went bankrupt.

He said this would put an estimated $1 billion pension liability on schools statewide.

Many likely don’t recall the warnings against electing Snyder as to his leftist leanings. You’re getting a good dose of them lately with his bailout of the City of Flint for their water disaster and now Detroit for its school debacle. What’s the takeaway? Mis-manage your ass off for as long as you want because at some point you become too big to fail and big brother will step in to spread the burden to all. Yet people will still promote the progressive agenda. Amazing.