The art of deception

Who is really delusional? Is it President Obama who can’t utter the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism’? Or is it the hordes of pundits who constantly appear baffled at the actions of Obama? They simply can’t understand why Obama can’t see what they see and endlessly search for an explanation. Of course this includes the lineup at FOX as well as most conservative media voices. They can surgically detail all that is wrong with the words and actions of Obama but are then stymied as to why.

Why not simply take him at his word? Do you really think he merely holds on to his childhood fond memories of Islam? So much so that he will endanger the country and the world with his inaction? No, he is pro-Muslim in everything he does because he is one. In his own words.

Why is this so difficult? Because he claims to be Christian? Because to call him Muslim means you are a ‘birther’ and a racist? Usually we can only judge another based upon some limited observations. Not with Barry Soetoro. He has laid it out quite clearly for us both in words and actions.

If the puzzled pundits would simply see the forest in front of them despite the trees they would have their answer. Oh, by the way, many actually do but can’t say so in their profession due to the repercussions.

Will Obama come clean once he is out of office? Time will tell. In the meantime he will do all he can to ensure that Islam is expanded around the globe. As any good Muslim should.