Obama, not Clinton, gave the stand down order in Benghazi? Who knew!

BOMBSHELL: New Benghazi revelation implicates… Obama

Bombshell? Not really. Unless you’ve been buying into the mass media version of events. Implicates Obama? Not new. Unless you’ve been buying into the GOP version which has always been about taking down Hillary Clinton. The bombshell referenced is the new movie “13 Hours” and the stand down order given.

But something much worse than a stand down order was given.

There was military aid sent – but they were ordered to turn back. If true, this new evidence points to someone besides Hillary — yep, you guessed it, President Obama.

I have to say I’m not a fan of the movie. I should say the idea of the movie. Making a movie to honor the brave heroes who died in Benghazi sounds like a reasonable idea. Separating the politics does not. After all, the only reason 4 Americans ever had to fight and die in Benghazi was pure politics. CIA weapons trafficking isn’t unique nor new. Americans dying because our government conducts covert ops around the globe is old hat. Most will never have a movie made about them. It just smacks of poor taste. To leave out the rest of the story seems an injustice to the dead.

Then to release it mere weeks before Iowa and claim it’s not politically motivated? I see disappointment everywhere. The left will hate it. The CIA will pan it. Those who had hoped to see Clinton burn because of it will be let down. I will say this. If the families of the dead find some solace in a movie highlighting their loved ones bravery, then I certainly intend no ill will to them. I’m glad for them. But I’ll bet the biggest question they want answered is why it ever had to happen and this movie doesn’t go there.

It is refreshing to see someone finally shine a light on Obama’s involvement. Leave it to Sharyl Attkisson. However, she’ll never get to the Holy Grail. The fact that Obama gave the order to let our Ambassador die and serve as the fall guy for a CIA op that had become compromised. That and the involvement of members of Congress from both sides of the aisle in standard military-industrial complex fare assures us that the true Benghazi story simply can’t be allowed to ever see the light of day.