Anonymous strikes Flint!

The above video was posted by the Anonymous group, a collection of activists that specialize in hacking. Well, we’ve certainly learned one thing. Anonymous are partisan leftists. I’ve stated before that I’m not a Snyder backer. Certainly didn’t vote for him. But to date no one anywhere has provided a specific piece of evidence that Snyder ordered the Code Red and purposely poisoned the people of Flint. Failed to act? That’s another story.

If you’re really interested in taking down the ultimate authority on the Flint water crisis, it goes well beyond the Governor of a State. The Federal Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has to shoulder their share of the blame as well as Congress for passing the Safe Water Drinking Act (SWDA) and the President for signing it. So you can make the case that it goes all the way to the top if you want a fall guy.

It is the SWDA that allows a 15 parts per billion level of lead in our drinking water when no amount is safe. It is the Lead and Copper Rule clarification of the SDWA that allows a water utility to operate and deliver water to the population for up to FIVE YEARS while an optimal corrosion control program is developed and implemented. All of the negligence and mismanagement that has occurred at the federal, state and local levels has been in the interpretation and adherence to the SDWA.

Even if you keep narrowly focused on blaming republicans for austerity and cost cutting as the culprit, it is the SDWA that gives the wiggle room necessary to jeopardize the health and welfare of the citizens. Take away the allowable lead level and the half a decade window in which to use the populace as guinea pigs to collect data and the opportunity for politicians to compromise the law vanishes.

Looking for the true villains? It’s bureaucracy. Our government that is supposed to be in place to serve the people but is instead self-serving.