With Iran it’s strictly business

Cal Thomas, you’re dead on so far. Iran is a capitalist’ dream. It’s the blueprint of the corporate-military-industrial-government (CMIG) complex. All intertwined, all co-dependent. Since Iran has already secured the ability to deploy a nuclear weapon in short order, making a deal with Obama was a no-brainer. There was nothing to lose and everything to gain. So Cal starts out on point.

Rouhani’s state visit, the first by an Iranian president in nearly 20 years, follows the lifting of economic sanctions against Iran, the world’s leading supporter of terrorism. Corporate giants and politicians are salivating at the prospect of doing business with a regime led by a man who has referred to Israel as “an old wound” that “should be removed.”

The $150 billion gift from Obama is just the tip of the iceberg. Iran has $700 billion in mineral wealth, not oil, just waiting to be mined and sold in global markets. But then Cal goes astray.

There is plenty of money to be made in deals with the devil, but at what cost? In the 1930s when European and American businesses traded with the Nazis, the rationale seemed to be, “If we don’t sell to them, someone else will.” That amoral view, no doubt, contributed to the slaughter of an estimated 11 million people. Six million of these were Jews.

Re-visiting this hall of shame ought to at least give corporate and political bodies pause when dealing with a regime that seems perfectly willing to finish the job Hitler and his brownshirts started. Have they learned so little from history that they are willing to repeat it?

Why astray? Will the CMIG give pause due to moral or ethical reasons? That’s a serious question?

Will companies signing up to do business with Iran be shamed and perhaps forced by law at a future date to pay reparations to the families of those killed by Islamic terrorists funded by the Iranian regime?

Shamed? Has Cal Thomas learned so little from history that he is willing to believe that the CMIG has a new moral imperative to do the right thing and put American values and welfare above profit and power?

Truth be told, I suspect Cal Thomas knows quite well that the almighty buck triumphs. The global war over natural resources is only gaining strength over time. These are commodities that never lose value. That means fluctuations in price are not the only component in determining value. Controlling markets, land and property access, mineral rights, and the array of other factors that go into determining the true value of the finite riches earth has to offer mean it’s always going to be a war. The boys with the most toys win. Tis why we’ll make deals with the Devil right to the bitter end.