Go fund me for government workers

I’d like to officially announce a go fund me account in which you can donate to replace the salaries of the 800,000 government workers displaced by the evil, immoral Russian puppet in the White House. Donate your tax return! Surely these people need your money more than you, right? Isn’t this the great progressive idea to redistribute your wealth much more efficiently than you can? So do the right thing, do the moral thing. Surely you weren’t going to wait and let somebody else fix this, were you? Just send me your account info and I’ll handle the rest.

MLK Day 2019 – what should have been said

What did Dr. King leave out? He should have said “that all men are created equal IN THE EYES OF GOD”. The simple fact is man is imperfect and a sinner and we will never see each other as completely equal. Only the good Lord has a pure enough heart to see each of his children as equal regardless of any scenario you can envision. No amount of movements, laws, or ways of honoring past leaders can change that. Sorry, sometimes the truth is inconvenient.