AOC calls for war on weather

The real climate change deniers (meaning those who believe humans dictate our climate) shouldn’t even have a seat at the table until their proposals include a legitimate plan on how to force China and India to comply with the U.N. recommendations for a 40-50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030. Can’t have it both ways. If we are all global citizens than any response to an alleged global threat requires global cooperation. This is what exposes the New Green Deal for the total fraud it is. Using the cover of preventing the extinction of civilization as the reason to allow a social justice realignment of the United States. AOC is a fraud that’s easy to see. What’s far more frightening are the sheep she controls who will so willingly acquiesce to totalitarianism. If only it were ‘just’ socialism we were talking about. Socialism is the gateway drug to communism and then either fascism or totalitarianism await. At that point you’ll wish the civilization would have gone extinct.

Chicago homicides total 53 since Smollett hatched his fake hate crime

It’s Friday, March 29th, 2019. It was January 22, 2019 when Jussie Smollett officially hatched his fake hate crime by reporting a substance laced letter to police. According to the Chicago Tribune referenced above, there have been 53 gun related homicides in the city since the day Smollett reported the letter to police. Police are still diverting and expending resources on the Smollett hoax when they could be utilized on real crime. The Chicago PD sent Smollett a bill for $130k to reimburse the city for wasted resources on his fake crime. How much is the real bill when you consider the dead? Could even one life have been saved if the Chicago PD hadn’t been wasting time on Smollett? What is the price tag for that?

Bigfoot is back

Is it Trump in the Bigfoot costume above or could it be Barry below?

Has Bigfoot been former President’s over the years? Has Spellchek solved one of life’s great mysteries? Maybe not but you’ve never seen the three of them in a room together. But wait…

Just kidding. I did say Bigfoot was former PRESIDENT’S…HA HA HA

Gun control can only lead to one thing

The Congressional resident expert on everything, AOC, is back to gun control. The problem? The premise. If you get it wrong everything that follows is wrong. The argument AOC and all the gun grabbers make is how to keep normally law abiding people from having access to a weapon during a random time in which they lose control. This includes the mentally ill. If we could just control those times and events when people lose it all would be well. As always this leaves the bad guy out of the equation. Criminals don’t care about laws or obtaining or storing a weapon legally and safely. So in the end the good law abiding guy pays the price by having their freedom restricted. Then you can get caught up in all the associated issues of law enforcement response time, 2nd Amendment, right to self protection and on and on.

Is the debate really about public safety? Is it more about restricting the normal good guy who does a bad thing if the opportunity is there and not about criminals with bad intentions? Arming and training good people to protect themselves is logical to all but those with an ulterior motive. It’s backed by statistics and particularly if you live in a rural area takes the law enforcement response time out of the equation. It also removes the gun free target zones from the equation.

What’s my point? If the premise focuses on the good guy and not the bad guy all potential resolutions will eventually result in the loss of freedom and no more security from criminals. There is only one ultimate solution to protecting us from ourselves. Complete weapon, and notice I said weapon not just guns, confiscation and ending the manufacture and distribution of same. This is the goal of most gun control advocates even if they dress it up like AOC with distraction arguments.

If we continue to have the debate on their terms this is where it must lead. They’ve done the same with climate change claiming the causal science is settled and now we are debating a solution. Again, wrong premise. Trump is moving in the right direction by paneling experts to determine if excess CO2 is even a problem rather than handing over the keys to the kingdom to activists.

The same must be done with gun control. Stop debating how to stop any weapon in existence from being available to any person at any random time. It’s a ridiculous argument that can only result in what I stated earlier. Those who can should be able to defend themselves. Those who can’t should have measures directed at protecting them. Those who willingly seek to harm others should be treated appropriately. Winners would be freedom and the least amount of violence possible in a world full of sinners. Losers would be power hungry activists. Unless you can perform miracles and wipe the planet of all weapons including the ability and knowledge to make them this is the best we can do. Even then humans know how to kill with their bare hands. Any ideas on that social justice warriors?

Tom Izzo Goes Ballistic On Aaron Henry, Refuses To Apologize | The Daily Caller

Wow. Wow. Wow. Can’t say it enough. This little blip in time serves as an excellent example of our sorry ass generation of snowflakes. I’m not an MSU fan but have to defend Coach Izzo here. Getting in the face of a player for poor effort has triggered the millennials to come out in droves. Calling Izzo’s coaching style a “dinosaur”, “shameful”, “aggressive”, etc. are just a few examples. Pointing out that Izzo gets paid and the players don’t. Candy ass excuses from fans. Do we need safe spaces on the court for players? Counselors in the huddle in case Coach raises his voice? A #metoo movement for fragile players? How sad. I know this. Izzo has over 600 wins and the player getting yelled at is a-ok with it because he knows it was just motivation. Snowflakes should just STFU.