AOC calls for war on weather

The real climate change deniers (meaning those who believe humans dictate our climate) shouldn’t even have a seat at the table until their proposals include a legitimate plan on how to force China and India to comply with the U.N. recommendations for a 40-50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030. Can’t have it both ways. If we are all global citizens than any response to an alleged global threat requires global cooperation. This is what exposes the New Green Deal for the total fraud it is. Using the cover of preventing the extinction of civilization as the reason to allow a social justice realignment of the United States. AOC is a fraud that’s easy to see. What’s far more frightening are the sheep she controls who will so willingly acquiesce to totalitarianism. If only it were ‘just’ socialism we were talking about. Socialism is the gateway drug to communism and then either fascism or totalitarianism await. At that point you’ll wish the civilization would have gone extinct.