Jakarta is sinking and it’s the fault of the GOP?

Today’s version of climate change apocalypse brings us this.

Sounds pretty bad, right? An entire city sinking into the sea? So bad that this U.S. Congressman felt the need to blame it on Republicans.

Pssst, hey Chris, answering for a friend. Read the article dumbass. It tells you that Jakarta lies below sea level and that wells drawing water are the cause of its continued sinking, not climate change. I suppose Republicans could pass legislation demanding Jakarta residents stop drinking or using water or we will withhold government aid to their country. Wouldn’t that be doing something?

A one way ticket out will cure what ails you

Why would you stay? Clearly this woman has the means to relocate to another country that is safe. Why in the world would you stay and live in a country where Hitler Jr. is in charge? Her life is obviously in perilous jeopardy. Trump’s brown shirts may move in any minute to haul her off to a concentration camp.

She stays for the same reason every blowhard liberal celebrity stays. America is the greatest and she won’t ever leave. Not when she can be a good PC hack partisan who criticizes the very country that has allowed her to live in her crystal palace.

Have an ounce of self-respect lady. A little integrity. Be principled. No one who could leave such a nightmare scenario you describe would stay if they didn’t have to. But we all know your hollow words are meaningless.

News of the day

Had to weigh in on a couple news items of the day. First Rush Limbaugh appeared on FOX with Martha MacCallum. Rush was asked about the media reaction to the Mueller Report. Essentially it was why are they doubling down now, aren’t they concerned with how they will appear? Rush gave the standard answer of no, they are partisan hacks. While true, I would expand on that. The media of today isn’t the media of old which was dependent upon ratings and the public perception of trust. The bulk of today’s media are indoctrinated activists. They function as a mere extension of the swamp giving it a face and a voice. So in short, no, they couldn’t care less about public perception as to integrity or trustworthiness. As activists first, they are concerned with promoting their agenda. They’re well aware that the media complex will offer various employment options regardless of how extreme their partisanship appears. Since the bulk of the media is all in the same tank, there is relative safety from a career perspective in no longer keeping their biases in the closet.

Second, Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota is at it again.

It doesn’t lower anyone’s IQ. It merely reflects Omar’s religious beliefs. This is not to defend her. She’s a proud Muslim. It should just reinforce to all where her priorities lie when it comes to issues like Israel or Christianity in the world. She’ll never stand for an Israeli State and Christians must convert or die. Simple.

Beto may be on to a great idea

Beto O’Rourke. Texas democrat running for President. Couldn’t win his Senate race but believes he was born to be the leader of the free world. Wonder why?
Perhaps it’s reasons like this. He believes that illegal alien felons actually serve to make the communities they end up in safer. How one makes that leap from a premeditated lawbreaker to neighborhood watch hero I have no idea. But it did make me think.

What if he’s right? Sure he has cherry picked some statistics to back up his claim but I don’t want to focus on debunking those. Let’s say the guy is right. If so, why wouldn’t we take it a step further? If you attempt to purchase a firearm in this country, a background check will be performed on you to make sure your not a risk for violence. Well if illegal alien felons actually make their communities safer it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say that part of the background check should be eliminated, right? Why wouldn’t you if we’re all safer? What risk could there be?

In fact, why not take it two steps further? Don’t just eliminate background checks for illegal alien felons, issue them a weapon immediately upon crossing the border illegally. It’s people who make this country safer that I want armed. Those who make us safer are the trustworthy types who should have a weapon and since they are all poor Central Americans with no means to buy one, we should make taxpayers foot the bill. All in the interest of public safety of course. Instead of building detention camps at the border like Bernie Sanders has called for, instead let’s build armories. Wouldn’t that be a fantastic, out of the box way to bring these illegal alien felons out of the shadows by promising them a free weapon to go along with their free welfare, education, housing and healthcare? It’s a win for everybody. The country would be safer because these armed illegal alien felons could patrol our borders looking for, I don’t know, people breaking the law by crossing into the country illegally. And then shoot them. All to keep us safer.

Are Democrats conspiring with Iran?

What if…well why not? Turnabout is fair play right? What am I talking about? Let’s step back.

Democrats say that no underlying crime is necessary for obstruction of justice to occur, at least not for Trump. What if the shoe were on the other foot? What if a conspiracy theory were to emerge from some foreign source (Steele Dossier anyone?) that Democrat party leaders were contributing personal funds toward Iranian elections. Due to sanctions there is no direct banking with Iran and all transactions must be reported through an authorized 3rd party. On the other end Iranian Parliament has strict rules governing who can even be appointed to run let alone allow foreign contributions to candidates. It would be a very shady process for the left to interfere with their election and certainly deserving of a special counsel, don’t you think?

That would open the pandora’s box of those Democrats bank accounts. We would need to know what their income is, where it comes from and where it goes. All in the interest of transparency of course. Do you think Pelosi would comply? Any of them? Of course not. No way in the world do they want public a Mueller Report on their personal wealth.

But if they didn’t comply it would be obstruction of justice and grounds for impeachment, right? Hey, the left is setting the rules here. Who cares if the Iranian conspiracy dossier was fake and no real crime ever occurred?

Ah what if…I’ll get busy drafting the fake dossier to provide to a foreign agent. Heck I might even throw in a fake pee tape just for good measure.

Easter Sunday Christian Massacre – did ‘some people do something’ again Rep. Omar?

The religion of peace has once again struck brutally massacring hundreds of peace loving Christians in Sri Lanka. Convert or die. Do you suppose if it were Christians murdering Muslims there would be a call for Christian leaders across the globe to denounce it? To eradicate it? Wouldn’t Muslim’s like Rep. Ilhan Omar from Minnesota be the first in line to call for Christianity to pay for their misgivings? Do you think Rep. Omar will do the same for her religion? Will she call out the radical extremists? Demand that Muslim leaders and people with a platform like Obama must denounce them? Not likely. We’ll wait…

Update – of course you knew this was coming -https://www.breitbart.com/asia/2019/04/22/sri-lanka-blasts-radical-islamist-terrorists-blamed-government-declares-national-emergency/

Time to impeach?

Isn’t it time? For impeachment I mean. Surely this has gone on long enough and far too much time and money has been spent to delay any longer. We have the Mueller Report as well as 9 other congressional investigations. It’s highly unlikely anyone remains on the fence undecided any longer. The tit for tat debate will continue on as there is no doubt it will extend to the 2020 election and beyond. The American public is exhausted from Trump-Russia collusion so we should move forward with impeachment proceedings.

Don’t you agree? OK then here we go. Impeachment it is. Should any member of Congress continue on past this point with a ridiculous, partisan witch hunt wasting millions of taxpayer dollars attempting to impeach President Trump then they themselves should be impeached. Oh you thought I meant impeach Trump? Why? Over 2 years and multiple investigations have clearly illustrated there is no basis for indictment or impeachment. Only sour grapes remain for the left failing to elect their candidate.

We know collusion isn’t a crime. We know from Mueller there was no conspiracy. Since there was no underlying crime, there can be no obstruction of justice. All that remains for the left is to keep smearing until election day in the hopes of swinging enough votes there way. Hey he isn’t my guy either. I didn’t vote for him. I never ever vote for a Republican or Democrat. I don’t want more of the same. People may think the 2 parties are so deeply divided that no one can claim a one party system in America any longer. Big mistake. The swamp is so deeply entrenched across party lines you couldn’t separate them with a nuclear bomb. They are just so polished at pulling the wool over America’s eyes that we really buy into their faux battle for supremacy.

Regardless, Trump is the President. He did what any politician running would do and listened when somebody says they have detrimental information on an opposing candidate. Not grounds for impeachment. Remember, the job of Mueller, the job of any prosecutor is to prove guilt. Not prove innocence. It was never the task for Mueller to prove to anyone that Trump was as innocent as the pure white snow, only to prove that he broke a law. A jury doesn’t rule guilty or innocent. It’s guilty or not guilty. So just keep believing what you believe. Nothing that will come out in the next 18 months before the election will change your mind. The winners will be the same global media network that absolutely depends on divide and drama for ratings and ad revenue. The experts will still be on the radio and tv while they cross-promote their other shows and books they are selling. They’ll still be fighting for their views and clicks and likes and subscribers which by the way is fine with me. Everybody has to make a buck. But if you think any real change is coming or that the swamp is draining or that your side is getting the upper hand then you just haven’t been paying attention.