Beto may be on to a great idea

Beto O’Rourke. Texas democrat running for President. Couldn’t win his Senate race but believes he was born to be the leader of the free world. Wonder why?
Perhaps it’s reasons like this. He believes that illegal alien felons actually serve to make the communities they end up in safer. How one makes that leap from a premeditated lawbreaker to neighborhood watch hero I have no idea. But it did make me think.

What if he’s right? Sure he has cherry picked some statistics to back up his claim but I don’t want to focus on debunking those. Let’s say the guy is right. If so, why wouldn’t we take it a step further? If you attempt to purchase a firearm in this country, a background check will be performed on you to make sure your not a risk for violence. Well if illegal alien felons actually make their communities safer it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say that part of the background check should be eliminated, right? Why wouldn’t you if we’re all safer? What risk could there be?

In fact, why not take it two steps further? Don’t just eliminate background checks for illegal alien felons, issue them a weapon immediately upon crossing the border illegally. It’s people who make this country safer that I want armed. Those who make us safer are the trustworthy types who should have a weapon and since they are all poor Central Americans with no means to buy one, we should make taxpayers foot the bill. All in the interest of public safety of course. Instead of building detention camps at the border like Bernie Sanders has called for, instead let’s build armories. Wouldn’t that be a fantastic, out of the box way to bring these illegal alien felons out of the shadows by promising them a free weapon to go along with their free welfare, education, housing and healthcare? It’s a win for everybody. The country would be safer because these armed illegal alien felons could patrol our borders looking for, I don’t know, people breaking the law by crossing into the country illegally. And then shoot them. All to keep us safer.