News of the day

Had to weigh in on a couple news items of the day. First Rush Limbaugh appeared on FOX with Martha MacCallum. Rush was asked about the media reaction to the Mueller Report. Essentially it was why are they doubling down now, aren’t they concerned with how they will appear? Rush gave the standard answer of no, they are partisan hacks. While true, I would expand on that. The media of today isn’t the media of old which was dependent upon ratings and the public perception of trust. The bulk of today’s media are indoctrinated activists. They function as a mere extension of the swamp giving it a face and a voice. So in short, no, they couldn’t care less about public perception as to integrity or trustworthiness. As activists first, they are concerned with promoting their agenda. They’re well aware that the media complex will offer various employment options regardless of how extreme their partisanship appears. Since the bulk of the media is all in the same tank, there is relative safety from a career perspective in no longer keeping their biases in the closet.

Second, Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota is at it again.

It doesn’t lower anyone’s IQ. It merely reflects Omar’s religious beliefs. This is not to defend her. She’s a proud Muslim. It should just reinforce to all where her priorities lie when it comes to issues like Israel or Christianity in the world. She’ll never stand for an Israeli State and Christians must convert or die. Simple.