AOC has questions – we’ve got answers

Climate change is here? Has been since our atmosphere was created. Welcome to the party.

12 years to cut emissions in half? Number one it will never happen unless China and India sign on. Number two and more importantly it doesn’t matter. Real science illustrates that the carbon cycle actually follows temperature. Nature’s carbon sinks have always varied widely in carbon sequestration and the current 410+ppm in the atmosphere isn’t at all an extreme. Do your own research rather than what you’re force fed and you will see for yourself.

A future worth fighting for? What an arrogant ass. As if the only future that even matters is one derived from a progressive wish list takeover of America. When the New Green Deal is dead and long forgotten the future AOC can’t comprehend will evolve as promised.

How did we get here? A revolutionary war against a tyrant was fought and won leading to the creation of the greatest country ever imagined.

What is at stake? Losing that very greatest country to an ideology of progressivism that believes everything America stands for is an obstacle to it’s vision of global dominance.

Where are we going? Hopefully to Heaven in the end. In the meantime we can insure that folly such as what AOC promotes becomes just another footnote in the dustbin of history.

Some of us are just hopelessly lost when it comes to separating clear thought from ideology. AOC is perhaps surprisingly to some not one. Those who actively push such a destructive agenda have identified how to position themselves to profit from the fallout. The losers in her scenario will far, far outnumber the winners but as long as you’re on the right side who cares?

Perhaps the dire 12 year warning should be all too real just not in the way she intended. Maybe that should be the deadline to eradicate the progressive ideology?

Notre Dame burns – progressives rejoice

Probably no better testament to what the progressive movement is than the famed Notre Dame buring in France. Religion is absolutely intolerable to coexist with the extremist planks of the progressives. Makes no difference if this was an Islamic terrorist or simply a construction accident, burning down the temples of religion must bring great joy to progressives around the world. Not to all mind you. Without a doubt many who embrace aspects of progressivism have no idea what the big picture entails. Which is why it is so dangerous. Straight from the Devil’s handbook. Yes progressives are merely pawns in the greatest battle of all – God vs. Satan. Too heavy? It may seem so to those who don’t look at the big picture. Every seemingly innocuous trivial aspect is all a part of it. Tearing down social constructs, erasing history and a global reset are all involved. Like it or not we are all on one side or the either whether through action or inaction. You would be wise to take a longer macro view of the battles you choose and which side you support. When you do your tolerance of societies debates gets more focused. No longer do you just ‘let things go’ that don’t seem to have any direct impact on you. It all does at the egg nd of the day. Choose wisely my friend.

Ship illegals to sanctuary cities? How about to Democrat politicians doorsteps?

Good start. How about we take it a step farther. You know how when you go to Hollywood you can get a map with all the celebrities houses? Let’s do the same with our sanctuary cities. Bus the illegals to these illegal safe havens and give them maps of where the Democrat politicians live. This way they can seek solace in Democrat sanctuary homes. Shouldn’t they receive something in exchange for their vote?

Buttigieg trashes LGBTQ movement!!!

Isn’t fake news fun? Just twist a quote or report news by omission and you too can fit right in with today’s media. My clickbait headline is meant to illustrate just that. Buttigieg, in a speech to an LGBTQ audience said this.

would have done anything to not be gay

He also said this.

If you had offered me a pill to make me straight, I would have swallowed it before I could get a sip of water

Not too hard to make the case that the Mayor of South Bend is not at all happy to be gay, right? Nothing could be further from the truth. This is how our media works to advance their narratives and political agendas.

As to the LGBTQ argument about being born that way? A clear thinking individual might ask this question. Would God have created people with a lifestyle that would ensure their extinction? What in the world would have happened if just by chance Adam and Eve were gay? Or just one of them? Sorry human population, you never happened.

Look, me personally, I couldn’t care any less. If being gay is wrong than the offenders will face their Maker and atone for their sins. Doesn’t affect me. Until it does. When it becomes today’s standard of tolerance is no longer OK, that I must now embrace and endorse things I may not agree with, the line has been crossed. But wait, you say, isn’t that what Pence is doing? Isn’t he intolerant and demanding those with a lifestyle he opposes change?

Is Pence demanding advertisers cease to do business with companies that espouse a viewpoint he disagrees with? No. Is Pence walking into a business and upon seeing someone with an LGBTQ hat then demand that business owner remove that individual because they don’t feel comfortable with them even in the same building? No. And on and on and on. Expressing your viewpoint based upon your religious beliefs is not the same thing as demanding people with an opposing view must change their life to accommodate your beliefs and lifestyle.

We’ll see how the LGBTQ community reacts to Buttigieg’s statements. One would think they would prefer a candidate who fully embraces the lifestyle without reservation. Without having to explain that they would have changed if they could have by swallowing a magic pill. If I were an LGBTQ social justice warrior of today I think I would want a candidate who fully embraces their lifestyle without holding back and stating I wouldn’t have done it differently if I could have. I would also demand that people not refer to it as an alternative lifestyle in any way. When you demand acceptance the more you do to set yourself apart and stand out from the crowd, the more counter-productive you are.

That’s tough to do these days in our environment. If your platform isn’t more extreme than the next guy’s, you are dismissed as irrelevant. I suppose we have our long history of politicians to thank for that. Saying one thing to get elected and doing another has always been their specialty. If a politician were to run today on a platform of the status quo without making things any worse they might just win in a landslide. The public is fully desensitized to politician’s lies and fully expects them every time they speak. Maybe that’s who I’ll vote for. Joe Blow. The plain old chocolate and vanilla politician. One who won’t promise you anything but won’t bait and switch you either. Sounds pretty good.

Can a sitting U.S. Senator really be this stupid?

No it’s not. No really this is not a bad April Fool’s Day joke. This senator really is that clueless. We’re not a democracy, never have been. The Electoral College is in the Constitution, it’s not an Amendment or in some way not a part of our founding principles. If she really wanted to change things to get closer to our Founders vision then we should abolish the 17th Amendment. This allowed senators to be chosen by voters rather than picked by each state’s legislature. It begs the question, did the Senator even graduate? Did she learn anything about our constitutionally limited republic? Is this Senator’s ignorance more of a reflection on our indoctrination system otherwise known as our school system?

This reminds me of something I saw complaining about teacher compensation.

Per normal protocol the problem with anything government related is that we don’t spend enough money on it. If teachers made more money our kids would be smarter or some nonsense like that. The problem is that in New York where the good Senator hails from we already spend more than babysitting rates on our children’s education.

A little math shows the babysitting formula result of $380k is well short of the $450k in New York. Here we have a perfect example! What happens if you spend more money on teachers as in New York? You end up with a Sen. Gillibrand.

Now we know none of this matters. Gillibrand is just another ideologue hack partisan politician. The DNC marching orders are mob rule will benefit the party. Getting rid of the Electoral College is seen as the best way to have coastal states decide elections disenfranchising rural America and their mostly Republican voters. Distorting history as a means to an end is perfectly acceptable to the left.