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Reproductive rights trump the right to exist?

Do you believe murdering the infant presiding in your body gives you “legal control” Alyssa? How much control does one have in today’s uber p.c. world? For example what if you’re an anti-vaccer? It’s your body right, shouldn’t you decide what drugs you put in it? How about the clothes you wear? Or don’t wear? Who should have any right to tell you what type, style or color of clothes you should wear on your body or that you should have to wear any at all? It’s your body after all.

We could go on and on with examples like substances you ingest or how you expel things from your body (ewww). The words you speak from your body are limited. The very thoughts you have in your mind can be controlled. Just try to do as you please, say what you want when you want, go wherever you like, your body is constrained in a variety of ways either by law or socially acceptable standards.

You may be denied access to somewhere or something based upon how you conduct your bodily actions. Actions include the spoken word as well as what you think. Don’t believe it? Just post on your social media something that you merely thought with no intention of acting on that violates some one else’s definition of socially acceptable. You may be banned, shamed, or even charged with a violation of law. Do you ever really have full legal control of your body Alyssa?

The fact is there are controls over what can go in your body and what can come out of your body. It may be physical, audible, what you see or hear or even think. There are all sorts of repercussions to these actions or inactions you do every day. You may say wait, these controls are all for when your actions or inactions affect other people. You may sicken them or offend them or deny them or just in some way negatively impact them.

I would say thank you for making my point. Doesn’t it negatively impact you when you are murdered in the womb? C’mon Alyssa, aren’t we discussing legal rights over one’s body? If you think it’s a right remember the key point when having that discussion. A right cannot be taken away by others and when you exercise your right you cannot infringe upon another’s. Pretty sure exercising your perceived legal right over your body is infringing upon another’s.

Rights don’t abdicate responsibility. An unwanted pregnancy is included as you’re certainly educated enough to know the risks. This is also why there are exceptions to abortion laws for rape and incest. Fairness? Is it fair that a female is saddled with the potential to become pregnant when they don’t wish to (and perhaps even practice some method of birth control)? Sorry, take that up with the Good Lord when you see him. Tons of unfair things in this world that we have no control over (baby born with a birth defect?).

So no Alyssa, you should never have the legal, ethical or moral right to murder another human merely because it’s your body. It’s only because you were irresponsible or changed your mind that an abortion issue ever came to be (exceptions addressed earlier). If the hand you were dealt when born female is unfair take it up with your maker. Until then let others have their chance at life just as you were gifted.


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