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Biden: ‘Not a Single Bit of Evidence’ Son Asked Me to Help Him in Ukraine


Really Joe? Are you going to make it this easy? Wordsmithing used to be a crafty endeavor but Bill Clinton permanently tarnished it with his ridiculous defense of the word ‘is’. I guess Sleepy Joe figures it’s tried and true so he’s going with it here.

Here is his statement.

“We never once discussed it when he was there,” Biden told the Associated Press. “There’s not a single bit of evidence that’s been shown in any reporting that’s been done that he ever talked about it with me or asked any government official for a favor.”

So silly. We never once discussed it? How about multiple times? When he was there? But you could have when he was elsewhere. No evidence shown in any reporting? Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, only that it hasn’t come out in a news report. Asked for a favor? No Joe, he didn’t ask, you made the demand remember?

It’s easy to see how greasy politicians like Biden put out carefully lawyer vetted statements like this one to deflect interest from the public. Nothing to see here. Yet just a cursory interest in reading between the lines yields a wealth of opportunities to deceive.

Let me see if I can help Joe. How about you release this statement instead.

I, Joe Biden, nor anyone acting on my behalf, have ever taking any action which has had any effect, either real or perceived, to impact my son’s business dealings in Ukraine.

How’s that? Simple and straightforward yet extremely broad in covering any aspect of how Biden could have influenced his son’s career. Now we know Sleepy Joe can’t make that statement because he would be lying instead of wordsmithing his way around the truth. His statement may very well be 100% correct in the technical sense of exactly when or where something occurred. But not in the spirit of it and that isn’t a legal threshold.

In the end a completely useless exercise. Those who support Biden continue to do so and vice-versa. And I have just wasted my time and yours by pointing out that politicians lie as if that’s new.


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