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Pelosi claims cover-up and Spellchek completely agrees

Horrors! Nancy Pelosi claims that President Trump is engaged in a cover-up. Is she right? Why yes, she is.

Until all information possible is released which will clearly implicate Obama and Clinton orchestrating the fake Russian collusion narrative, then yes you can say he is covering up. Many on the right aren’t happy with Trump for continuing to keep this information under wraps. The implications with foreign governments as well as our own intelligence agencies are going to be very unpleasant if Trump does release the info. Trump claims to waiting until the time is right. Some say the time has already passed.

The bottom line is that until all information legally possible to release is released, a cover-up is an appropriate statement. Not because Trump is guilty and covering up but the vast extent of the collusion amongst our allies and various agencies withing our government that has yet to be fully exposed. Once that happens and the appropriate legal actions are enforced on the guilty, and then when the appropriate political fallout occurs, we will finally be able to say there is no longer a cover-up. This will include damage to our allies, but it’s a necessary evil. So I say stay strong Nancy. Keep beating those cover-up drums. It will be your party that suffers the most once you get your wish, but that karma is a bitch.


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