USPS to become Robin Hood?

In today’s edition of A+O+C=zero, our leader of the Democrat Party, AOC, has yet another brilliant idea to save the country

Does she even realize how right she is? The USPS has been a non-profit forever and would indeed be the ideal vehicle for a banking system that can’t make money. In fact the USPS has such a horrific track record it bears revisiting an article from over 50 years ago that illustrates no amount of time is sufficient for government run programs to become efficient.

Forget profitable, how about just stop being a money pit? Kinda cool reading about dreams of the future before we even had a fax machine though.

The premise of AOC and crazy Bernie is that absent a profit motive the government can better deliver basic services to Americans. Reality is that USPS banking would merely result in yet another taxpayer subsidized wealth transfer. It’s merely taking money from those who actually pay taxes and giving it to the poor. No different than any other progressive socialist program that empowers the government and people like AOC and Sanders.

Democrat doom!

Each month that goes by with results like this must be simply devastating to the left and their dream of erasing America and remaking it into the long sought progressive dream. 18 months until election day may seem a long way off but toppling an incumbent administration will require a failing economy. If the prosecution of the Obama/Clinton criminal cabal occurs prior to the election then the re-election of Trump is a mere formality. These are dark days indeed for democrats.