Customers should automatically get credits after power outages, AG Nessel says

Utility companies should use smart meters to measure the length of a customer’s outage and automatically issue credits, Attorney General Dana Nessel said after hot weather caused power outages across the state in recent weeks. She wrote a letter t…

Sounds great, doesn’t it? What could be the downside? Rate increases! Yes sir just watch and see. You see utility companies, even the non-profit type, don’t eat costs just like their capitalist corporate brothers. Even when the power is out due to Mother Nature their infrastructure costs remain as well as the usual overtime labor costs due to power restoration efforts. Credits to poor schmucks like you and I are a cost to the utility. So in order to make their finances balance out they will recoup those costs. The easiest way? Raise rates before the power goes out and the credits are issued so the utility can proactively save those funds. This is the way it always works when government gets involved on our behalf. Yet another example of no free lunch.

Those with the most to gain by free stuff don’t care about any downsides and those with the most to lose get no benefit from free stuff yet the argument will be decided by those in between

I’ve been wanting to opine on this subject for some time but just haven’t got to it. I hear this argument often and can only assume that pundits on the right simply don’t understand human nature. The discussion is free stuff. Usually the commentator will go into a diatribe about how free stuff isn’t really free and that there aren’t enough wealthy people to pay for it and that we will actually see a huge middle class tax hike to pay for it. Great stuff. All true. But misses the point.

Those who subscribe to the appeal of being on the receiving end of free stuff don’t care. They don’t care who pays for it. Don’t care if it’s a wealthy snob or the struggling homeowner right next door. They only care that it isn’t them. All of these arguments attempting to explain the fallout of such disastrous fiscal policy is worthless. Tell them the economy will tank and America will collapse and you get a huge shoulder shrug. Why? Because these people feel this discussion doesn’t involve them. The economy spins around regardless of their participation. Kind of like the discussion about the value of your vote. If you in particular don’t vote in an election it likely won’t make one iota of difference. Your vote is cancelled out by a whackjob from the other side anyway, right?

So who is the target? If the right is attempting to swing free stuff receivers, they will fail. There is no need to rationalize this to their core base as they already get it. The left is of course disregarded for partisanship alone. So it comes back to the always fluctuating swing voter in the middle. Does a rational explanation sway them? Certainly not if they’re in line to be a receiver. The idea is to appeal to their logic that the lifestyle standard they have now is in jeopardy. Especially difficult if they fit into that category that won’t get a ticket on the free ride express promised by liberals yet they don’t have the comfortable standard of living they wish for. They don’t reap the rewards of the well off. Nor do they get it ‘free’ in exchange for their vote. This is the key target area of America’s lower middle class that is so important to sway elections and it’s a large group. They always feel left out in these discussions of the state of the country. They work just as hard as the wealthy yet don’t see the rewards. They are irritated as hell that they even have to consider the notion that they may be better off taking a step backwards to get their little share of the free stuff. Getting over that hump is seemingly the hardest thing to do in America. You question why you should put in the additional effort if there is no payoff while the national discussion is focused on who can give away more of what you have to more people in exchange for their vote. Who wouldn’t be outraged?

How do you reach this group? You must remember these people don’t even feel they are part of the so-called middle class so talking tax hikes for the wealthy and even the middle class isn’t striking the fear in them so desired. And what if they did get knocked back down into a lower ‘class’ of society? Wouldn’t they then reap some of those free stuff rewards anyway? The envy argument simply doesn’t resonate here as there isn’t a very visible upside. It’s interesting that those with the most to gain by free stuff don’t care about any downsides and those with the most to lose get no benefit from free stuff yet the argument will be decided by those in between. I wish I could pass along the magic solution but it’s above my pay grade. I can only tell you the strategy used by the right isn’t working on the most important target audience.

Self-racializing is the new norm

Victimhood is the strategy of today’s democrat party. If you are truly a victim you will be used as a pawn to advance the narrative. If you are a fake victim (see Pocahontas a.k.a. Elizabeth Warren) you advance to Royalty level. This is where the Fraud Squad see itself. This concept doesn’t require a deep explanation or history lesson. However I would bet the majority doesn’t even recognize just how obvious this tact is.

When the Squad self-identifies as “women of color” in their spat with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, that is racism. Just because you attempt to align yourself on the victim side doesn’t change the fact. You are segregating yourself by utilizing two planks in this case, sexism and the color of your skin.

That is a key takeaway from the racism industry today. You must be a victim. That keeps racism alive and well. These 4 freshmen women members of Congress known as the Squad are self-racializing. They should prefer to portray themselves as the opposite of racism. Simply elected members of Congress. No regard to gender or color. If you wish others to view and treat you accordingly, you must see yourself that way. An equal to all.

Worshippers of victimhood mentality can’t or won’t see this obvious fact. True victims may not see that they are burdened to elevate themselves to a level of equality in order to receive that respect level. Power hungry political activists like the Squad won’t see it because they wish to utilize it for leverage.

Sorry Fraud Squad ladies. We see you for who you are. Racists pure and simple. The worst kind because you aren’t true victims unaware of what is happening. A disgrace to the real victims of racism. Bottom feeders of society are always repulsive but those who take advantage of true victims are pure evil. A thief is bad enough. One who steals from a victim fund is without conscience.

What could make the Area 51 raid even better?

In case you somehow haven’t heard, a social media event is planned to overwhelm Area 51, the Air Force top secret testing facility in the Nevada desert, on September 20th at 3am. Currently over a million people have said they will participate with many more still on the fence. Will it really happen and what could possibly go wrong? We could speculate endlessly on that. What if we could do the next best thing and not risk some crazy mass casualty event because one thing is for sure. The Air Force will never let the public near their crown jewels. Instead let’s just move Burning Man there.

What could make more sense than a party where anything goes being held right outside alien nirvana? Heck, the aliens might join in and no one would even spot them.

I first laid eyes on Area 51 back in the mid 1980’s. It may be very disappointing to the throngs of Raiders as it merely looks like a standard desert Air Force base. Now if they could overrun Area S-4 or Area 10 underground they might really see some whiz bang Star Wars stuff worthy of all this hubbub.

So how about Burning Man 2020 with ground zero at the Little Ale Inn in Rachel, Nevada?

CNN’s Cuomo: Trump Sold People on a ‘Brown Menace’ — He Manufactured a Crisis | Breitbart

This is what we call racism 101. Cuomo equates any illegal alien crossing the border as a “Brown Menace”. The only thing in common with the hordes of people crossing our border is that they are illegal. Rashida Talib may not like what she calls a “dehumanizing” term but it is simply a legal definition without regard to race or ethnicity or country of origin or any type of defining factor. Illegal is the true definition of non-racial as it encompasses all. Cuomo’s labeling as a “Brown Menace” is without question racist. It doesn’t matter if he is simply trying to make a distinction in order to score political points. Of course he won’t be held to account for it because it fits the narrative. Just as AOC with her clearly labeling Pelosi a racist. Oh there is some grumbling from her opponents in the party but that’s only from a strategic position in an effort to diminish the influence of AOC. As is always the case fron the party of identity politics, racism is 100% allowed and encouraged if it advances the party agenda. Those that say that racism is a scar from our past need only watch the democrat party in action to realize it is still alive and well today.

Rouhani: Iran will enrich uranium to ‘any amount we want’

Now why is Iran able to so confidently tell the U.S. to stick it? Wouldn’t they be better served to not be so provocative and continue to build their nuclear capabilities without poking the bear? The answer is they can because they already have it. It’s why they made the deal with Obama and Valerie Jarrett back in 2015. The sanctions relief and billions in cash were worth a seemingly counterproductive deal. As Spellchek pointed out back in 2015 –

Congressman Amash, critical of Trump, leaving Republican Party

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Michigan Congressman Justin Amash, who has publicly argued that President Donald Trump engaged in impeachable conduct, announced he is quitting the Republican Party. Amash, a Republican from Cascade Township who represents Michi…

So Justin, will you now do the right thing? Resign immediately of course. The constituents who elected you demand nothing less. Not that I don’t agree with your sudden epiphany on our 2 party system. It is a disaster. However it didn’t become that way just since you took office. Nor has the Republican Party changed since you were elected. So your grandstanding display on this great day in America doesn’t look good at all. Do us all a favor. Resign today. Run again in 2020 based upon your newfound principles and see if anyone has any interest in having you represent their interests.

The sun will still rise tomorrow

Have you been watching the latest outrage from our social justice warriors? Well, that’s not a very fair question because so much triggers our self-proclaimed defenders of morality and fairness. It appears that we may be coming closer to what has long been sought by conservative/libertarian groups across the country. What is that you may say? That day when the progressive/socialist/communist platforms finally feel secure enough in their message to own it publicly. Lord knows we’ve seen an entire industry of pundits/bloggers/authors/media types endlessly illustrating the hypocrisy of the left.

We have the entire slate of democrat potential nominees openly embracing socialist policies that previously meant an automatic defeat at the ballot box, at least in a national election. However, we’re also seeing a multitude of violent hate groups on the left shamelessly backing violence against any opposition voices including journalists. It’s always been one of those things that these people clearly supported privately but wouldn’t come clean publicly and admit that the ends justifies the means. Today we are at that point in which they will admit merely holding an opposition viewpoint is grounds for violence.

What is the endgame? When we reach a point where the left openly embraces their views as preferable to capitalism and free markets. When the media dispenses with the illusion of impartiality and admits that they fully support those views. When traditional bait and switch politics ends. No longer will the left appease their extremist wings only to become centrist at election time and then merely fall in line with the usual swamp protocol once elected. Will we ever get all the way to the endgame? All that we see and have seen is prep work designed to persuade a majority of the country that formerly extremist views are actually preferable to what we have now. This has been a decades upon decades goal. To get a population of 300+ million to capitulate and demand their nirvana be delivered has been an incredible reach. Salivating at how close they are getting has the left becoming like controlling a racehorse with a dry rotted and broken bridle. They are so anxious to sprint for the finish but they know if they are premature the horse will gallop away in the wrong direction. The key to the whole process has always been to convince the public to ask for their demise. The election of Trump was a sobering reminder to them to not jump the gun. They may control the media narrative, but they haven’t yet been able to control the ballot box narrative, thus the feverish rush toward open borders.

The left absolutely needs an economic disaster. It’s the only way to get the masses to beg for their demise by demanding government be the end all. The media does their level best to push their narrative of impending economic doom due to Trump policies but people aren’t easily persuaded by national doom and gloom. They base it upon what is happening to them locally in their neighborhoods and families. Boom or bust stories from other parts of the country are merely water cooler gossip. Only when their paycheck or investment portfolio is affected does it become real one way or the other. That is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for the left. When they figure out how to make all politics local. Reading about AOC being an idiot at border detention camps or Hollywood celebrities displaying their hypocrisy while ranting about the demise of the globe due to climate change is all just common man entertainment. It allows the little guy to justify to themselves that these social justice warriors are no better than them. The working man will never be persuaded by apocalyptic narratives. Crazy Bernie and his attempt to sell higher taxes to make life better for the other guy is not a winning message. Nor is any attempt to shame Americans into doing their part to save the world or pay reparations for past sins. That’s the good news in all of this. A general misunderstanding of what makes Americans tick. Utilizing a party comprised of so many factions all with their own list of demands and expectations means it’s virtually impossible to get a consensus. Yet that’s what’s required to get an entire country to willfully submit to their own demise. So rest easy. Despite the shrieking seemingly coming from all directions, no one voice controls the bullhorn and that is what will keep America from imploding. Diversity truly does protect us all doesn’t it?