Official review of Trump-Ukraine collusion

As a public service I’ve taken the time to fully review both the whistleblower complaint and the Trump-Ukraine phone call text in my previous post so you don’t have to. Here are my findings.

Seriously all you need to know is that the left is mad that Trump is exposing Biden. Everything else we’ll hear breathlessly argued about in the coming weeks and months is just posturing. The hypocrisy should be astonishing to watch as the left will have already done everything it accuses Trump of doing.

U.S.-Ukraine documents exonerating President Trump

Here are a variety of U.S.-Ukraine documents involved in the Trump-Zelensky phone call and whistleblower complaint

First the 5 page phone call transcript

Next the 9 page whistleblower complaint

Additionally here is the letter signed by 3 democrat Senators to Ukraine

The following is the 1999 treaty between the U.S. and Ukraine concerning mutual cooperation for criminal investigations

Here is the ‘old’ whistleblower complaint form used since May 2018 requiring first hand knowledge which the Office of the Inspector General changed secretly to accommodate the Trump whistleblower.

Trump-Ukraine transcript gets a failing grade for some people

The transcript of the phone call from President Trump to Ukranian President Zelensky on July 25th has been released. What have we learned? That our education system is a failure. Why you may ask? Simply look at some of the news stories.

Hollywood Erupts in Celebration over Impeachment: ‘Thank You Nancy’ ‘He Betrayed America’

Just read through the comments of our beloved celebrities who have no concept of what a constitutionally limited republic is. They have no idea how the impeachment process works and actually believe it will result in the removal of President Trump from office. Don’t believe me? Just look at this imbecile.

Elizabeth Banks: ‘I Can’t Believe Mike Pence Is Gonna Be President’

We’ll see if Nancy Pelosi is as smart politically as she’s given credit for. She should know she can do what she’s doing and continue to string along the ever hopeful impeachment crowd. She should also know she can’t allow it to ever come to the floor for an actual vote as that will reward President Trump with a second term. Hanging on to her speakership will also likely be impossible. Just imagine trying to explain to all of these village idiots why Trump is still their President even though they impeached him. I suppose it all won’t be without merit though. At least the public may get an education as to how their government actually works.

The only response to the U.N. Greta Thunberg speech that matters

For a practical, logical person the best way to dissect the U.N. speech by the 16 year old child prop Greta Thunberg is to read the transcript. Take out the emotion. Take out the image of a small child pleading. Even though her words were prepared for her, it’s best to read them absent any of the emotional distractions.

“My message is that we’ll be watching you.

“This is all wrong. I shouldn’t be up here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet you all come to us young people for hope. How dare you!

“You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. And yet I’m one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!

‘This Is All Wrong,’ Greta Thunberg Tells World Leaders At U.N. Climate Session
‘This Is All Wrong,’ Greta Thunberg Tells World Leaders At U.N. Climate Session
“For more than 30 years, the science has been crystal clear. How dare you continue to look away and come here saying that you’re doing enough, when the politics and solutions needed are still nowhere in sight.

“You say you hear us and that you understand the urgency. But no matter how sad and angry I am, I do not want to believe that. Because if you really understood the situation and still kept on failing to act, then you would be evil. And that I refuse to believe.

“The popular idea of cutting our emissions in half in 10 years only gives us a 50% chance of staying below 1.5 degrees [Celsius], and the risk of setting off irreversible chain reactions beyond human control.

The exploitation, child abuse and child endangerment that is occurring here is criminal. The parents of this child should be locked up, not just embarrassed. I have 4 daughters myself. I simply can’t even imagine destroying their lives and utilizing them as political props. Unfortunately, even after time goes by and Greta finds out that she was indoctrinated by the climate change hoax, her chance at a normal life will have gone away. It’s bad enough to be an adult in which you choose to to believe in a hoax, but innocent children need protection from parents such as Greta’s.

As for her speech, it’s just standard boilerplate talking points. Nothing new. Nothing convincing. Just standard tactics of the left to play on emotions. The Chinese response to her speech since what China and India do about the fantasy of climate change is the only thing that matters? Zero. Silence. Which is all the more infuriating about such a blatant, open case of child abuse. Her message is irrelevant and meaningless. Without addressing the world’s largest polluters makes an entire global movement without merit. Sad. Tragic.

Biden Ukraine pay-to-play deal exposed

We’ve now learned that the ‘whistleblower’ reporting on the Trump-Ukraine phone call concerning Joe Biden’s extortion demand that a prosecutor investigating his son be fired never even listened to the phone call. They got it second hand. What does this mean? Just as Spellchek has been telling you, this was all a setup. A setup by the Trump campaign designed to ‘out’ a leaker from within his administration. They were fed the bait and fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Think about it. Not a chance in the world the left wanted to go down this road and put the Biden corruption deal front and center. It was only because the leaker got caught and convinced the left that this was a winning scandal to pursue apparently not realizing the spotlight would boomerang. Since the media won’t report on the real story, Trump needed to trick them into doing so.

A transcript exists which shows that in April of 2014 Joe Biden met with the Ukrainians and set up the natural gas contracts that his son, Hunter, signed just a few weeks later. That doesn’t even account for the Chinese $1 billion dollar deal Hunter Biden secured that no one else anywhere in the world enjoys. Now that the Biden scandal is out there, the media will do everything they can to shift the focus to the Trump phone call but it’s too late. This is one of the rare times the right has been able to beat the left at their own game. Get your popcorn and enjoy the show!

TARP 2.0 a sign of imminent collapse?

Maybe you’ve seen the news that the Federal Reserve has been pumping up to $75 billion per day into the banking industry. It’s just as likely you haven’t heard a word about it. It isn’t the same thing as the TARP bailouts of 2008 yet we’re hearing this is to stave off a total banking collapse. I’m not going to go through the history lesson of our banking industry and warn you of its imminent collapse as others are. Just wanted to point out that this current exercise in the manipulation of our money supply (which Trump tells you only China does) is nothing more than about making a buck. The Federal Reserve cleared $30 billion in profits after all was said and done with the TARP bailout programs. Many of those programs took multiple years to complete. Today’s bailout loans are targeted at Repo loans, or repurchase loans, which banks use to lend each other money secured by assets on a short-term basis, usually overnight. Don’t think for a minute the Federal Reserve isn’t attempting to stabilize the short-term lending market out of the goodness of its heart. Of course it’s about making money. I’ll bet if you took a poll you’d find that most Americans are utterly clueless that the Federal Reserve is not a part of our government and is a private entity. Or that the Fed makes any money at all. Taking advantage of poorly run banks who may be under-capitalized for whatever reason is capitalism at its finest. That’s exactly what this is. The Fed taking advantage of it’s unique standing in that it controls the printing press for the Treasury and can generate Monopoly money anytime it likes such as what we’re seeing now. They will see a tidy profit once these Repo loans have worked their way through the system and the Fed earns its interest for providing them. So I wouldn’t go and stuff your money under the mattress just yet. Not that the grim reaper won’t come someday when our financial system really does implode. It just won’t be today.

Told you so

Do you doubt me now? Yesterday I linked to an article concerning a whistle blower spying on President Trump. I put forth my theory that this was an orchestrated event by the President to bait his enemies into a yet another conspiracy media circus. This was not a case of one of our intelligence spies hearing something they shouldn’t have. What is everyone in the world talking about today? Joe Biden and his corrupt Ukranian blackmail deal to enrich his kid, Hunter Biden. Yes, the same one that was kicked out of the navy for being a crackhead and now finds himself financially well off despite being completely unqualified to do his end of the deal his father arranged for him. This story has only been discussed on conservative media for years yet Trump was able to spring a trap the left simply couldn’t avoid falling for as they are now faced with discussing the story with their audience. It’s brilliant! Those who underestimate the ability of President Trump to play politics with the big boys are woefully misled. Only he can get his opposition to talk about issues which benefit him and were on the blackout topic list for the left. Of course he can never admit it was a setup and take the credit but he’ll still reap the rewards anyway. It doesn’t matter if this sinks the Biden candidacy. Likely, it is still preferable to see Biden secure it except that he’ll be just that much weaker in the general election. Trump still winning!

From Fox News – Whistleblower complaint, reportedly on Trump ‘promise’ to foreign leader, touches off DC firestorm

Whistleblower complaint, reportedly on Trump ‘promise’ to foreign leader, touches off DC firestorm

Hmmm…what’s really going on here? Obviously the never Trump branch of our intelligence community is still actively spying on the President. The legislative branch of our government fully supports this as a power grab by assuming oversight of the executive branch. Trump is clearly aware of the spying so he wouldn’t say anything that could haunt him later. Right? Unless..

Is he testing them? You know, throw out something that he knows will be overheard yet is so tantalizing the haters can’t resist? See if it makes the usual rounds of the media cabal which he can then call out for fake news because he knows even the left can’t release the actual audio of the phone conversation? Why not? Every story the left runs with from ‘unnamed sources’ or ‘unconfirmed reports’ ends up making them look ridiculous. Why not play their game and bait them? Stay tuned…